Get Shit Done.

Super Cereal.

No, seriously, we are gonna get this done. The text translation, as many have pointed out including myself, is at 100%. All that’s left, as I’ve said before, is images, hacking and testing. I realize this has taken a long time- and for that I apologize. I do still take the stance that this is being done for free, and that I technically don’t owe anyone anything, but I do feel bad about how long this has taken. Even if I ignore that everyone that has been following this project deserves the patch, it needs to be done because the text translation has been completed. To just sit around and not finish this, when others have finished their part, is poor form. I realize this and we are going to get this done.

That said, we can now (probably) cross images off the todo list. Here’s a fair sized chunk of the images that were remaining to be done in an oversized slideshow format (I don’t see a way to change the size of the slideshow). All the images should be finished now–

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note that while you flip through those, some will seem off center from each other. That’s not my fault- the originals were like that so I lined up my text to match those. These images have not all been tested in game completely (though two of them were found to be too large and had to be redone), but they were pretty straightforward and should work with little issue. Also ignore any ugly white borders or anything, the actual images aren’t like that- not sure what is causing that in the slideshow.

As for hacking. I talked with Soywiz and he wants to get this done as well, he holds the same opinion as me. The plan is that we’re (he is, I dunno how much I will be able to help) going to tackle the hacking soon. When I talked to him he was busy, but assured me he would have free time in the future, and wants to get this done. As for how it will be done (this has been a major thing brought up in previous posts) we might take the hacky approach at first to get something done (the text splitting) and later release a nice solution. Or, we will do the hacky approach and release everything we have encase someone else wants to attempt a nicer solution. What is going to happen hasn’t exactly been decided yet and isn’t set in stone- but we will tackle that when the time comes.

Then finally, testing. People involved in the project want to test the patch before publicly releasing it. I don’t expect it to take too terribly long to test it and I will let you know when we get there and will keep you updated with hacking along the way. Once things get into motion with the hacking (unless it finishes quickly or I am very busy at the time (which might be possible)) there should be plenty of bits of information to pass on when that time comes.

Thanks for sticking with us through all this.

~ by Zarradeth on September 30, 2012.

35 Responses to “Get Shit Done.”

  1. Of course I’d stick with you guys! This is an amazing thing you guys are doing, and I don’t care how long it takes! I just want to thank you guys for all your hard work. ^w^

  2. Who else but Soywiz could come up with a clean and nice hack for this to work?! Im sure he will get this done the right way.

  3. Thanks for a big update man! It`s great to know you guys are still doing good.

  4. Pheeww :3 I was really worried about this project, nothing had been said for a good while, it’s great to hear all is well 😀 Thanks for everything 😀

  5. Good to hear from ya. Just keep on working hard ^_^

    thanks guys

  6. I believe in you dudes! universe will not forget your feat!

  7. Now this is how you make a comeback post! Sure feels nice to get some update about this, The pictures look nice in my opinion and whatever looks wrong probably won’t show on a PSP screen anyway.
    About the hack vs. nice solution: both will be the same content wise but one would be hack in the game using a plugin and the other will be on the iso? So nothing will change between the version just the format?

    Also, I really need to finish the English cover… still can’t get a translation for the text. -_-

  8. Yes, they would be the same content wise. There area a couple ways we could do the hacking, just the plugin way was the easiest way to make the text work nicely.

    The only downside to the ‘dirty hacky way’ is that when we split the text entries that are too long, the audio clip for the entry will play on the first one and then the second one won’t have an audio clip. The whole game is voice acted, so it just makes it’s a little weird. Plus, coming from a translation standpoint, if we split it the text on screen won’t cover everything being said. Also, if you continue to the second entry of a split entry, it would silence an already playing voice clip (since it would normally play another clip).

  9. You are a godamn god, thanxs for all your hard work man…you are…a very kind one, i will never forget this TwT

    I can wait whatever you want, so you don’t have to hesiate, we don’t want to get you overdone, with this comeback, and your word, you have give all of us a lot of HOPE, this really is a hell of work, and i think all of us admire your hardwork

    I wish you the best luck

  10. In that case, why not split the voice files too? Or is that too much work / impossible to put back? Not that I care, all I want is to be able to play the game the game. Either way go for the easiest route. You can get a nice version out whenever you want and there’s no such thing as “the other part of the team is done so I have to force myself to do it”, i you have at least one complete patch out, right? 🙂

  11. Splitting voice files wouldn’t really work. For one thing, it would definitely have to be done by hand. Plus it would probably sound a little unnatural (if the split is in the middle of a sentence). We can split text algorithmically, but we can’t split voices files like that (without making some really advanced stuff, which isn’t going to happen). They would also, probably, have to be decoded, then split, then reencoded- but we know they are ADX files.

    Also, there are 15796 voice files, though I can’t say for sure they are ALL used.

  12. Wow, thanks for the update! Glad to hear you guys are still working on it. Thanks for the hard work!

  13. thanks for the update 🙂

  14. 15796? Man, that’s a lot. ADX is a commonly used file type, I think SEGA uses it all the time for their games. Either way, that’s one solution crossed out! 😀

  15. Dude… I’ve waited 4 years for this… :)) You know I’ve been here since the begginging. ^_^

  16. What can i say…. Thank you! We’ll wait until it’ll be done !

  17. It’s okay, dude.. us fans can wait 🙂

  18. Thank you for the explanations of how the project is going, i hope the hacking be a sucess

  19. Thank you for working on this!

  20. WTF that freekin gud news
    btw Zarradeth can you pls give me soywiz’s email….thx

  21. Awesome! I am so looking forward to this! Stumbling upon this made my day! YEAH!

  22. I’m curious, maybe it’s been posted before, but is your translator Tom the same one who has worked on a bunch of older ROM translations? Because I’ve spent many hours on games that Tom translated and he’s one of the best along with Ian Kelley.

  23. It’s possible, I’m pretty sure he has worked on/helped with stuff in the past- but I can’t say for sure.

  24. It must be to early to say this but next project you should get more people to help out because this is just simply amazing.

  25. After you’re done with this project, will you accept a request as a commissioned work? I wish you could reply it to me in private.

  26. Thanks man… you dont know what it means for all haruhi fans out there

  27. I have to honestly say, you are the most dedicated team I have ever seen on the interwebs.

    How many years has it been now?

  28. Good morning. How`re you doing?

  29. I’m doing well. Trying to get stuff taken care of. I actually just got a job and am dealing with some stuff for the apartment this morning (I already started and have moved). I was hoping to fall into a schedule and start to be able to work on personal projects more no that I have a job- but work has kept me very busy this first week- so I still have to see how things go.

    As for Soywiz, I have not seen him online lately (though I know he’s around). If I don’t see him soon I will try and get in touch with him. I try to not bug him outside of google chat or whatever we normally use, but I haven’t seen him on there for weeks.

  30. Good luck bros, I commend you on sticking through this to this point throughout the years! I’m actually somewhat interested in starting a translation of the steins;gate spin off game for the psp but I understand that it’s extremely difficult and requires knowledge of hex editing. If you could give me a bit more insight on how it’s done so i can know if it’d be possible for me to do or not it’d be much obliged.

  31. You must finish this!
    You have come way to far to drop it and let it be forgotten now, Ive restored my broken old PSP to working condition, YOU CAN FINISH THIS! 😀
    I’m counting on you.
    -Commander Paradox

  32. I’m been following you guys for a long time and it really relieved me that you guys still doing this. keep up the good work and don’t worry, your fans will ever stick to you guys d(^-^)b

  33. I’m also counting on you guys. You’re really awesome for making this patch, because I wanted to play this game for ages now. I wish you good luck with finishing the project and I’m looking forward to future status updates.

  34. I want this for Christmas 🙂 Of course if there’s still a lot of things to do, I’m just gonna wait some more 🙂

  35. Hey! How’re you doing?

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