You’ve Encountered a Wild Patch!

•April 19, 2010 • 25 Comments

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Well, it’s been over 2 months since I’ve made a post. No real reason, just that there isn’t much to talk about. This is also kinda backed up by the title of the post… I really have no idea what to name it Scratch that, I came up with a name. I was gonna make some kinda post like this when the script translation hit the 50% mark, but I have an hour to kill before I can hand my final paper in for a class, and I just finished the final in the class I’m sitting in now, so this seemed like a good way to spend it.

So, first thing I want to touch on, and the only real thing I can think of to include in this post. Some people have been asking about the few patches that are out in the wild, and if there are more. The ‘newest’ patch that is out in the wild (I don’t know where they are uploaded at to be honest :P, I myself might have copies sitting on some dark corner of my hard drive) is the ‘0.2 Alpha’. But, despite being the ‘newest patch’ it is still incredibly old. (Actually now that I think about it, the newest build of the current patcher is around December of 2008… so there is no real ‘new’ patch in existence.) The point of those original patches was to try and get more people interested and involved in the translation. At the moment, we don’t have any plans for releasing any more patches until the translation is complete. Now, a couple of things will differ from the final patch and the ‘Alpha’ patch, I’ll present them in a nice bulleted list.

  • All of the script translation in the alpha patch have been retranslated.
  • The final patcher will be a program and will allow you to rip and/or compress the output image as well as apply the translation.
  • You won’t need to worry about having the same exact input file as needed with PPF type patches.

Well, I wanted a longer list, but I can’t really think of anything else to add. On a note for the compress and ripping. If you rip everything (movie, voices, sound effects, music), and compress to CSO, the file comes out to about 50 megs. Just a fun little fact. So if you don’t mind not having any or some of those things, you don’t need to worry about having a memory stick larger than 1 gig.

Other than this I don’t know what to say, text is getting translated, some images need some work (but all the major ones are done), there is still some things that need to be hacked, and Soywiz has added some more features to the editor. I might eventually add them to the Web Translator page, but it’s nothing that’s too exciting for someone who isn’t a translator soo~~~.

I take no credit for this image.
I leave you with this.

Long Post made short

•February 7, 2010 • 14 Comments

This was going to be longer, but as I wrote into the more off topic aspect of it, it turned into a disorganized rant, so now it’s all just the on topic stuff. You will hear my rant/thoughts at another time; it’s more fitting to be posted as the translation wraps up anyways. So here we go-

Alright, I’ll start off with this- I’m not looking for translators anymore. Why is this? Well, Tom has a lot of experience under his belt, and the quality of his translation is top notch. Having more translators would arguably speed up the process, but this way we reduce time needed to edit the script once the translation is complete. We also keep the translation more consistent. I have talked this over with Tom, and he wants to do the work on his own- this guarantees a solid, and consistent translation. The Japanese language, like most languages, it’s not a 1:1 translation (Hence why online translation tools usually suck). You can take one term and translate it 5 different ways. Now lets say you have 3 different translators and they translate things 3 different ways- that needs to be fixed. A good example of this can be seen in the fan based book translations. The ‘Blue Monster things’ as I will call them (if you’ve seen the anime, I think most groups called them Avatars, I don’t remember), there is, I believe, 2 different translations for them- Celestial and Avatars. Closed Spaces also have, I think, about 3 different translations between the different books. I had updated the contacts page to reflect that I wasn’t looking for translators anymore, but I didn’t have a post with it- so here it is.

Now, another thing I want to run over, when that image hits 100%- the translation isn’t done. It is very close to being done, and it probably won’t be much longer. But that image only reflects the script (which is 95%+ of the job). Though, there is a good chance that most of the other work that remains will be done before that hits 100%. Tom is trying to get the translation done in a timely manner, but remember- this is being done in free time for no profit 😛 So~~~

Here are some images for you, this post probably would have been up sooner if it wasn’t for me working on this video (this involved around 48+ hours of converting (thanks to my video editor not liking the video), so it was fun, also helped kill my computer’s PSU in the process).

Go to the site to watch it, I kept this one in HD 😛

I’m not gonna explain the video, the description says enough, here are the final cleaned and finished version of that image (different from where I end at in the video). This is the last of the major text heavy images to do (I believe), all that is left is smaller ones.

Alt text
Alt text

So, there are some images, the text is going, the last aspect is some hacking. The game isn’t 100% done with the ‘hacking’ aspect, there are some text limits and name limits that are being troublesome. It isn’t impossible to just split these, but there have been some issues still. But, there is more than enough time to deal with these as the script translation is what is going to take the most time/work right now.

Yes, I know this is taking a long time, but it can’t be helped really- If I could get a translation done and out in a week for you guys I would- but things don’t work like that x.x We are all working our hardest in our spare time we have to contribute to this project for you guys. 😛

Happy Holidays

•December 17, 2009 • 5 Comments

Initially I was planning on making a post closer to Christmas, one that would have been longer, as I didn’t really have plans. But earlier today that changed- I’ll be flying home the 20th (and I probably won’t have decent internet access), so I’m gonna make a shorter post now. But, to be honest there isn’t that much to say- so let’s get it on.

Present for you
Here’s a happy holidays image for you! Whatever you are celebrating right about now, this is for you.

Also, Soywiz linked me this earlier and I love it.
[EDIT: Just realized this trailer actually went online the same day as this post. Here’s the source site. Gotta love the creativity.]

The seriousness of it is awesome, and I love the animation. I hope the movie is as serious as this trailer is portraying it to be- or it will be a personal let down. I haven’t watched the second season yet, but I’ve read about 7 of the novels- and this trailer makes the movie feel even more serious than the novels (with the anime being the least serious- though I imagine once they start getting into later stuff this will probably change). All in all, I’m looking forward to that movie- hope it’s as good as it seems it will be. Also, I don’t know what books the movie will cover or what exactly happens in each book (it’s been a while since I read them). But going by the scene with the gun looking thing- this will have my favorite scene from what I’ve read of the books so far. This is one of the more complex parts of the novels, and when Itsuki explained what exactly was going on (because that’s what he does) I had to reread it like 3 times to get a full grasp of all the time traveling and other stuff going on. 😛 I encourage discussing the novels, anime, movie in the comments. But try to keep it spoiler free~~

As for the translation, Tom is translation like he does. I was suppose to get translators from these guys– but this never happened. There still might be hope, but they know what I need from them (a username and pass, it’s really not that complicated. Hell the web interface is like 10 times easier than setting up an SVN) but they haven’t gotten back to me. But- I know who I can harass to try and move things along on that front- how much good it will do is another question. They are translating Air for the PC, so if you guys like that game you might want to check them out (I don’t play many VNs myself, they don’t hold my interest too well.) Not much else to say otherwise. I really am hyped for that movie though- but it will probably be a while before subbed version surfaces so I’m not too excited (here’s to hoping for a fast release to Blu-Ray!)- I tend to not get excited for anime, it’s slow like that (Black Lagoon 3, Shakugan no Shana 3, etc.).

Lastly, as for the Twitter. I admit I am glad that so many people dislike Twitter :3 (though I also admit it does have it’s own valid uses)
The poll does infact say I should make one…. I’m just… lazy- I don’t know if I want to make a Twitter >.<
But I should/probably will/kinda have to make one sometime soon anyways, so we'll see what happens. If/when I do I will add a widget to the side of the site that shows the latest Tweet, sooo~ yeah.

School is actually interesting when you get to classes that involve what you wanna do for a living :P, might/hopefully get a job soon (have passed the first stage of acceptance for some company's hiring procedures or something like that, waiting for another email from them), all in all not much going on.

To all the people who have emailed me asking for help/advice/whatever, sorry if I don't respond/get back to you. I have a tenancy to be bad with emails. If you wanna get help you best bet is to IM me. But- I must say, I'm not your best bet for getting help. When it comes to emails I have a habit of not replying then forgetting, like an email Tom sent me- I forgot and then didn't respond for like a week~ I'm bad at that. But, I'd like to point out I'm probably not the best person to ask for help- I'm not all that knowledgeable :3
Lastly, that Pandora thingy, to anyone interested in that. I hopefully should be getting it in January. Look on the official blog or the unofficial blog. An almost final case has been made from the molds being made for mass production of the case. Tons of videos are coming from the devs. A case which should be completely fixed and will get the green-light for mass production hopefully will arrive from China to the devs in the next few days from this post. I personally know a lot of people who are interested in this thing and want my opinion on it, so I might do some kinda video when I get mine- but no promises. ‘Specially since I don’t have a camera or a camcorder.

And I think that about raps it up- have a happy holidays you guys 🙂

(This post was longer than I thought it would be :3)

Gobble Gobble

•November 26, 2009 • 4 Comments

I make turkey for you all.

Zarruhi… Updated! (a couple times- now with 125% more poll, images, and video)

•September 16, 2009 • 45 Comments

Alright, now I’m rewriting the post, but I have plans for more updates to it with maybe another video and more images.
The original point of this post was because I was really tired at 2AM and had made up the name “Zarruhi” while talking to a friend online. I thought it had a nice ring, so I made a pointless post.
Thennnn, I decided to make this post into something, which is what he have here now.

First I’m gonna post up this link, I helped do image work on this, and helped the person working on it do some work retaining to PSP format files.
Soo, if you are interested, support this, if not, whatever– Kanon VN on the PSP

Now, before I get to images and videos and the such, here is a poll, I would like it if you guys voted on it, and if you want- make a comment (on this blog, not the poll website please)

I’m thinkin’ I should get a twitter, mainly for translation status… (I personally don’t use/like Twitter/facebook/myspace/etc. But I could see twitter being useful for small updates like this), what do you guys think? I could also use it to throw out anime recommendations, what I’m watching now, and little tidbits of random stuff…

I think a Twitter related to the project would help me stay on task more with it (me personally, that doesn’t effect translators), my personal choice is the second one 😛

Now onto the images, here are some of the Poker Help images that have been translated and cleaned. I will be posting TDOS ones later, after I do them.

The stars in the background of the TDOS images make them really really super easy to clean xD.

Right click the images and pick “View Image” to see the whole thing- wordpress is clipping them off.
And here is a video of me cleaning part of the first one, I thought it came out pretty cool 😛 I wanna do another one for the first TDOS image, I wanna have it be the whole image cleaning.

Here is a youtube link if you prefer that

Again, youtube for those of you who prefer it

I recommend going to the site to view it, since the video will be physically larger. Also, as it says in the description, all the work in this video ended up being pointless because I copy pasted from the second help image, it was an easier clean job and came out looking better, so I stole it for the first.

As you’ll see the TDOS images are much easier, lots more clone stamp tool, lots less redrawing.

Where in the World…

•September 11, 2009 • 4 Comments

Incoming a lot of offtopic, but since it’s my topic I can’t be offtopic 😛

Well, some of you guys may be wondering what has been going on lately- things seem to have quieted down…
Well, people have been busy :P. I went to that summer camp thing, and was much busier there than I (and other people to be honest) expected (but it was fun). I got home, then a couple days later moved to Arizona (from Michigan). So that was lots of fun, had to ship my computer via UPS– that wasn’t the nicest bill to pay :P. ‘Specially when you computer weighs 57 lbs (62 lbs with the box).

But, I’ve gotten to Arizona, everything is settled, for the most part. I’ve started classes out here (the reason I moved, actually I wrote 90% of this post in a class :P) so that is taking away free time :P. I’m also still looking for a job. But this is nothing for you guys to worry about :P.

Now, as for the percent up there in the corner, that hasn’t been moving much. There are two reasons for that- one more important than the other.
1) The guy who has been doing most of the translation work is in Japan right now, and his internet connection is shaky.
2) The server that the web translator is on has been acting odd too- it hasn’t been updating the percentage complete (not in the web translator either).

Now, point 2 might be fixed by now, we had the problem before and Soywiz thought he fixed it, but it’s happening again so I dunno if that image is showing the correct percentage or not.

All that stuff aside… I dunno what else to say, once I get settled into my classes I should get some more time (I would be by now but I just found out yesterday that my schedule wasn’t what I thought it was, that was loads of fun :P). And a job, that’s starting to get close to being a requirement at this point ;).

So basically all in all, things are moving (literally and in the meaning of the translation) some…. you just probably aren’t/haven’t been seeing it. And things are a little crazy right now with everyone being busy (oh yeah, Soywiz is gonna be going to be in Japan for about a month on vacation :P).

And yes, I know this is taking a long time– please bear with me 🙂
I want this done too, but this game has a lot of text and we aren’t really an established team– soooooo, were trying our best 🙂

Oh yeah, I guess I feel like using a lot of smiley faces and parentheses today, just roll with it.
And I leave you with this

…and this…

…and this… (purely for the Haruhi clip :P) (also, I’m not responsible for any anime spoilers in this video, you shouldn’t have watched it if it spoiled an anime for you)

^^ Oh how true, how true.

…this post looks like a big mess….. (*presses publish button anyways*)

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Offtopic

•June 30, 2009 • 30 Comments

Well, I’m going to put all of those things into this post, but not in that exact order. And yes, this is a legitimate update, it has been a while. Not having an update in a long time doesn’t mean things haven’t been happening– because stuff has, so don’t worry about that. And now I’ll get to the stuff you want to be hearing, and I’m going to make this stuff fit into my title, so you’ll have to read it all before it all ties together and most of your questions should be answered.

The Bad
Well, the bad thing is that I’m going to be leaving for a summer camp soon and will be there about a month. I will be a counselor (like watching kids, not dealing with emotion problems) there, but I have been going since I was six years old. (For those of you curious, it’s a camp for hemophiliacs, and I fit that category– I have severe A and I take Xyntha for it). This is bad– for you guys- because obviously it’s a summer camp in the middle of nowhere, right? Well, it is, to answer my own question.

The Good
And with a quick follow up to that. For one good thing, the translators won’t be going with me, so they’ll be available. Also, I will have internet access, but more on that later. Also, since I will be running computers there (making sure they work, helping people, etc.), I will have my own computer with me. So basically, when I have time and some quiet I can fire up some music and work on image editing on the translation. I promise you I will work on those while I’m there. 😀 Also, if you didn’t know yet, there is a progress image on the left there if you haven’t noticed it yet. That image is generated by the site that holds the translation, so it is always up-to-date.

The Ugly
Alright guys, get ready for this one…. I will have internet, but I will truly be in close to the middle of nowhere. So what does that leave us with….? A slow dial up connection (I’ll run a speed test for you guys when I get things setup and arrive there for fun :P), shared across at least 8 computers. So that’s probably about a decent 3 kb/s speed for each computer when they are being used. And when they aren’t all used… I wouldn’t count on anything more than, like, 10 kb/s. Yeah, that is pretty ugly. But I will probably be able to still answer comments and the such, it’ll just take a long time. 😛

The Offtopic
Well, here I’m going to say that I will hopefully be getting a Pandora in about a month or two. 😛 I already have it ordered, so I know I will get it, but it’s a matter of time. For those of you who know what it is and thinks it won’t happen, you are idiots, but I don’t really need to get into details on why. If you really wanna question why, I’ll give you more than enough reasons why. And for those of you curious, this will replace my PSP, that was my plan for it. That doesn’t mean I will lose interest in this translation though. At this point I could probably do the translation without a PSP anyways. But I think all the work I put into saving my PSP after spilling water on it (look at the last entries comments :P), should speak for itself.

And on a side note, I hate how those smilies ruin the flow of the text, it looks like it puts line breaks in there. Ohh well, enjoy guys.

EDIT: Oh yeah, probably should have said this for all the people who didn’t look at the comments on the last article, the last two videos were april fools jokes (but they are real, both the Chrono Trigger and Rickroll and the dubbed voices was actually running on the PSP xD). Neither of those are really planned for release, and if they do get releases… they aren’t serious. So yes, the release will have Japanese audio and no, there won’t be a dubbed version. (The fake dubbed version is very “hacky” and prone to crashing anyways.)

EDIT EDIT: I lied, seems that the campground got wireless. Here is the promised speed test, at much better speeds than expected

Speed Test