英訳が終わった!?! (Updated!)

(4/2/12) Update!

As most of you have guessed, this was in fact an April Fools joke, there is no Game Boy port and there was no robbery. We’ve been playing with the percentage on the image ourselves– we will update the percentage counter here soon to show the correct amount.

Thanks for the fun and I hope nobody too us too seriously! 😀

Read on for the original article…

Okay, so I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that, as some of you noticed, the translation was at 100% for sometime. That’s right, the text translation was actually complete! But, as you will see now, the translation meter is showing 0%. This is where the bad news comes in. We have lost the translation. The translated scripts and hacking work completed so far were housed on Soywiz’s laptop, which was stolen late last night. Authorities are mounting an investigation into the crime, but so far they haven’t found much- it looks like we won’t be seeing the laptop again…

All of us are really discouraged by these recent events and the idea of having to start the translation again from scratch, but there is some more good news. Soywiz had been experimenting with porting SHNY to the original Game Boy. He actually made a lot of progress, and the files for this project were contained on a different computer from the one stolen. So while we cannot deliver the PSP translation to you guys, we can show off the Game Boy port that is going to become the effort for the people assigned to hacking. The Game Boy port doesn’t have any of the translated text because Soywiz was only focusing on porting the engine to start. I have some screenshots I can show off to you guys so you can get an idea of what the game will look like (note: these images are scaled up by a factor of 4).


You will notice the the images are translated, this is because I had a back-up of the images on my computer, and tested them in the game to see how easy it would be to use what we do have left to translate this version. Because we have lost all our work on the PSP version (hacks and text translations) and because the PSP can emulate Game Boy games, we may just shift our focus to this port and re-translating for the Game Boy version. By focusing on the Game Boy version, we can introduce the game both to PSP users who can emulate the Game Boy, as well as all of the Game Boy users across the world.

I apologize about what has occurred the past couple days and what it means for the translation. Everyone involved was really excited to be able to release a patch to allow you all to enjoy SHNY on your PSPs. It saddens us that we will no longer be able to do that for another couple years. I really appreciate all your support since the start of this project, and we promise to bring you an even better version of the translation in the future.

~ by Zarradeth on April 1, 2012.

117 Responses to “英訳が終わった!?! (Updated!)”

  1. I was caught off guard, it’s not 1st April where I am.

  2. LOL~! 😀

  3. Very funny guys. Laughed my ass off. But this is too farfetched to be true.

  4. Not sure If April Fools D:

  5. Nice! Now the game will only be a few MB instead of 1GB on my memory stick! Thanks, guys!

  6. Let me just say… I raged then breathed a sigh of relief… well played.

  7. Never mind XD Translated the title! :DDD

  8. ;_;”
    I really do wish you best of luck that it’ll get found. However unlikely there is always a chance..
    Thank you for the update though and well.. Best of luck…

  9. Best April Fools’ ever.

  10. …..

  11. waiting till midnight, if april, 2 comes and that news don’t disapear, much people gonna jump from the top of the Petronas Tower.

    or play it in the game boy emulator, well, at least will be able to play the game.

  12. I’d probably break down and start crying if this ended up being true, but the date leads to suspicions for those of us who don’t start freaking out the moment they read one of these things. That, and there’s way too many negative events that have been going on across various sites which I check upon daily for it to be coincidence…

  13. wow.. just.. wow….so sorry man.

  14. or maybe its.. nah u cant be serious … u r joking right?

    Once I reached the part about the GB port, I remembered that this was posted on 4/1… Damn it, you totally got me with the first part. XD

  16. And I thought my april fools day jokes were mean.
    Though, there is the slight possibility…
    After eddsworld, I`m kinda ready to believe anything.

  17. Is this a joke? I think I might’ve crapped myself… please don’t be true o_o I bought the game for this >_<

  18. I moved the update to the top of the article, it seems people were missing it. 😐

  19. LOL I knew it Thank you Kami-Nii sama

  20. And I was going to pull off a mega search for the laptop

    Now that’s an april fools joke, since it plundged me into a spiraling depression last night XD

  21. What a wonderful April 😀

  22. Any Idea when the patch will be available?

  23. Now that the translation’s at 100%, what’s left for you guys to do? I guess the plugins right?

  24. We still have to do the remaining images (not that much), hacking, and testing. We could start testing now with what we have- but then we wouldn’t be able to really test stability with whatever we end up with hacking wise (which I’m not sure of the exact plan atm). I have translations for all the images, and there shouldn’t be too many left (all the hard ones are done), so it’s just a matter of me finding time to finish those off.

    So, sadly, I wanna say soon, but I cannot give an exact time or make any promises.

  25. we will wait, can’t believe the time when we can play this game is becoming near.

  26. What do you mean with “hacking wise” exactly? Whats left to do?

  27. It depends on what Soywiz wants to do. The current issue we have that needs to be fixed is the buffer sizes for text. There is only so much room in the buffer that displays the text on screen. (There are 2 buffers, the script is loaded into memory, the entry to display is moved to one buffer, then letters are transferred to the buffer that displays the text on screen 2 bytes at a time (which would have been 1 Japanese character, but is two English characters). This final buffer is too small for some of our translated entries. If our entry is too long, as it’s being copied from the first buffer to the second one, it will overflow and crash the game. We actually encounter this in the prologue.
    In order to get around this, we currently have a very dirty fix that splits entries that are too long into two separate ones. The issue with this is that there is no voice dialog in the second entry (which along with sucking, would break auto mode) and the split algorithm is kinda lame right now. We could fix up the splitting and release it like that worst case, but we want to do something nicer. This is why we wanted to do a plugin for the translation. This would allow us to load the dialog from an external file and then use our own buffer to display the text to bypass the one we currently have an issue with.
    This issue also extends to the backlog- they have a set size and we can overflow on them.
    The only other ‘major’ issue we have is that long NPC names overflow, and the end of the name will get overwritten by the name of the current script entry. Thus, if our names are too long, you will see the beginning of the name, and then the current script entry being used in the name box.
    Then, we also have to tweak font sizes, especially in the MP scenes, lots of the choices for the MP scenes overflow out of the box set for them.

    It pretty much comes down to how much more memory and space the English languages tends to take up compared to Japanese. I say ‘hacking wise’ mainly because I don’t know the exact plan of action myself at the moment.

  28. looks like a complicated issue

  29. Hmm so put it at 99.7% Again?

  30. Concerning what you’ve just said Zarradeth, I’d personally prefer you guys to make the Plugin to avoid the buffer overloading issues. <- I hate to say that since it makes me feel like I'm asking for alot and it sounds to me like I'm asking for alot :L

    Goodluck regardless 😀 that April fools joke terrified me.

  31. Ahhh, that scared me!! Good job guys!! Thanks so much!

  32. Nice April Fools Joke, if it wasn’t I would have been very sad… :I

  33. “Hmm so put it at 99.7% Again?”

    The translation is at 100%. I should know. I’m the one who translated it. The remaining work is only hacking work. I can’t do anything more, aside from script editing or testing, but I’ll still support this project until it’s released, in any way that I can.

  34. Nice one man nearly s@#& my pants when i saw the post the other day!

  35. Guys, just go with the plugin approach.
    People still need a hacked PSP to play the game, but this would give a chance to those who don’t want to buy a bigger Memory Stick (like myself, I have stuff on my 2GB stick and I don’t plan on buying another one for sometime), but still own the game to play it.
    Plugin translations can also be turned off if there’s a need to do so (no need to copy the original iso to the memory stick just to play the original).
    Also, you can include all the necessary files with it (like the seplugins txt files). Those who have other plugins know how to insert the new line, those who don’t can just use the file from the pack.

  36. ^Sounds like an idea to me. Making and integrating the plugin is easier said than done though.

  37. Alright I Hope there wont be any errors Im sure that cheat codes in the game might affect the hack?
    But no uses hacks in this kind of game .

  38. Wow! NICE!!!! So glad it was just an April’s Fool.

    But… from where do I get the complete translation now? =D

  39. We are still working on finishing up the remaining things- including hacking—

  40. Please take your time!^^

  41. Hey Once its down you think you can make that 100% picture into the link to the download?
    also how are you going to upload it?

  42. I think I can turn that picture into a link- I’m not sure what wordpress will allow me to do with the widget that is displaying the picture right now- but that’s a good idea. If I can I will.

    As to hosting the file, I’m not sure where it will be done. Tales-Translations have servers, I have my own personal website I could host it on, I might be able to host it on the wordpress here, or I could just use a mirror service to ues file sharing sites- it won’t be at risk of getting taken down since it’s not illegal content (minus file sharing sites as a whole going down lately).

  43. Is it a small file or a big file if big file you could host a torrent since you have alot of people interested in this patch

  44. The file shouldn’t be too big, the latest build of the patcher I have is about 28 megs- and I don’t expect it to increase much before it’s done. It will probably be smaller than 50 megs tops. But the torrent is still a good idea, the more legal torrents the better! 😀

  45. #Like

  46. A torrent would be pretty good. Less than 50megs and it would download in less than 5 mins. The only problem I can think of would be if the torrent went dead. Can`t trust seeders. I would know, I never do it myself. XD

  47. Well If Im the only one who has a Copy of the patch and this website somehow shuts down Ill keep making this Patch Live on like a Legend.

  48. Regarding the seeding business, my upload speed is terrible o_o No clue why…
    Despite that, I’m happy with any reliable method for hosting the translation ;P

  49. A patch would also make it possible to use cheat codes as mentioned about, right? I don’t know which one is easier to do, but don’t go for the iso patch if the plugin patch is easy to do. As for file hosting, you should provide several links and arrange them into priority order. You wouldn’t want your or Tales-Translations’ servers to be flooded, so put them on the bottom of the list. Put Mediafire/other links to the top. Torrent is also fine. Provide as many links as possible so people from all around the world can get it easily.

  50. Hi dear Zarradeth!
    I know you must be very busy, and that you are tired of this question but…
    When the patch gonna be released? :3

  51. It’s been afew months, any updates on progress? ;P

  52. So… Hows everything goin? No comments or anything for 10 days feels a little lonely.

  53. its been a month ever since that 100% :/

  54. I’m sorry, it has been a while >.< I have been incredibly busy lately. I have 2 months left of school and just had an alpha due for my project last week. I also don't know how things are going on Soywiz's end either. Sorry I don't have more to offer to you guys right now 😦

  55. Okay thank you for posting ! Good luck 🙂

  56. Thanks for telling us, that everything is all right, keep studying!

  57. Not so much studying as hammering away at code :3

    Deciding to try and convert from DX9 to DX10 after we had a pretty complete engine/graphics architecture in place was a bad move. That’s been what I’ve been working on the past week, and we might end up abandoning it. (DX10 would make it easier for us to add support for decals and deferred rendering, but both of those things could be done in DX9, just takes a bit more work).

  58. …I want to learn about Trnaslating and hacking..hm

  59. I’m not that good when it comes to PSP hacking tbh. That’s Soywiz’s thing, he’s developed/developing a PSP emulator so he really knows what he’s doing. If you want to get started with hacking- I really recommend starting with SNES stuff, there is tons of documentation, debug emulators, and some games have been really well documented already (Chrono Trigger for example). I know I’ve mentioned it here before, but Chrono Trigger was my first real introduction to romhacking, and it’s a good starting point. CTM (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Gte4UPbx_5I) started as something really basic, but its’ evolved into a really complex hack (the latest beta that isn’t released has most of it’s code on the SPC- but I haven’t had time to work on it in a long time).

  60. Alright…Maybe next year aha.

  61. hey zarradeth! good luck on your studies! and everyone else on the team, thank you so much for all these years of hard work!!! i know you guys have been completely busy lately so keep up the good work, kay?

    and btw, will this game be playable on 5.00 m33-6?
    i hope it works on all cfw actually. xP


  62. That was a joke right?
    God my heart stopped beating for a moment there. lol

    Good Luck and Best Wishes to you guys.

  63. I`m assuming the amount of work that would go into converting from DX9 to DX10 is less than if you were to add decals and deferred rendering to DX9 right? If not, I think it`d make more sense to abandon DX10. Don`t get me wrong, I`m not trying to tell you how to do your project, just wanted to wonder about that.

  64. We did end up ditching DX10, and yeah. DX10 is a massive change from DX9 (unlike 10 to 11). 2D has been completely redone (it’s all in 3D now- as it should be to be honest), Mesh loading has been removed and you have to implement your own loader (and we don’t have the time to create our own 3D format, which honestly would have been easier than trying to load in pre-existing formats). These were the two biggest issues, we got 2D all working nicely, but we ended up giving up with the mesh loading (after wasting too much time on it already). I wasn’t 100% sure what I was doing, and combining that with the fact that we still had to redo most of our rendering code to use DX10 shaders and so forth, we just didn’t want to spend the time on it. We haven’t tried to do deferred and decals in DX9 yet (But I understand the concepts behind deferred and it shouldn’t be too bad). I really would have preferred DX10 over 9 though, had I not needed to convert the project over and had started from scratch I probably would have used it, a lot of it is cleaner and easier to use than DX9 (especially with deferred rendering, it’s kinda built with it in mind).

    Right now I’m working on floating text dialogs for NPCs (along with an actual dialog). The backend for dialog-trees using LUA is done, but we don’t have a way to render it. Floating text is currently rendering to a texture, and then we can just position it on a billboarded quad above the GameActor/NPC that it’s tied to. I have the rendering to texture working just fine, but the quad isn’t rendering and I’m not sure why- that’s what I was about to work on.

  65. So the Haruhi PSP Project is still on going? Zarradeth?

  66. Yes

  67. That was scary. Keep going at it Zarradeth! 😀

  68. just wondering, after this project, are you going to translate “Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou”?
    and Keep Up the great work guys!!

  69. That’s great. Good luck to you guys.

  70. Itching with anticipation ;DD
    Slightly offtopic, but does anyone know where I could request a game to be translated? It seems somewhat appropriate to ask here lol.
    Many thanks to whomever replies<3

  71. guys, when it’s gonna be released?

  72. What else game are you going to patch? Another Haruhi one?

  73. To the people asking about the release, I`m thinking, and correct me if I`m wrong zarradeth, it`ll be sometime this summer when he has more free time. (I assume you`d have more freetime then.)

  74. Any idea when it might be completed?

  75. long time not seeing an update, zarradeth, how is it going? would you mind posting something? anything would be fine 🙂

  76. any news? no-one’s posted here for a while.

  77. Sorry to disturb you Zarradeth, but, you know if the project still going? It’s look like the project is frozen, and anybody in the Tales Team answer me
    Sorry if my grammar have mistakes, I’m spanish :p

  78. Sorry about the delay everyone, I’ve been really busy the past couple weeks and I have 2 weeks of school left, so please bear with me. Once I’m done with school (actually, next week Wednesday is when most of the important stuff is going down for me) I will have much more free time to work on this. I also haven’t been in touch with Soywiz for a while, so I don’t know what things are like for him at the moment.

  79. Don’t worry, if it’s school stuff I think everyone will understand

  80. Ahaa, suddenly a bunch of posts were approved and made mine look redundant and me like a bum. (Lol)

    School, I can completely understand, school is such a pain sometimes… I am glad I’ve finished…

    Fight! Do your best, the last two weeks are both hard and easy *~* GL

  81. Yeah we’ll bear with it 😉 . I’ll hope it’ll be good for you. and for all poeple who are at school ^^

  82. i would just like to thank everyone working on this project and i’ll wait however it takes for the english patch, i’m a huge Haruhi fan, thanks again guys

  83. Wow, these guys are great. ^^ Can’t wait ’till this project is complete. I wish i could’ve been of some assistance, but alas I’ve been out of commission for a while. Anyway, to all that helped out with this translation, I love ya all. ❤ Thank you so much.

  84. Happy Canada Day to all the canucks!

    When this is finally released I will celebrate Haruhi Day (ФωФ)

  85. its been sometime now and school is finally over

  86. so….. how’s it going? 😛

  87. Been about a month since any activity, how`s it going? You guys doing alright?

  88. sooo…how it’s going? any news? Even if it’s for say that you don’t have any clue, say something
    Thanxs Zarradeth, you are a reliable person

  89. Any news?

  90. is the patch released yet? :0

  91. Sorry guys, you are right that school has been done for a while, with graduation and moving and starting to look for jobs and stuff- I haven’t done much, but I haven’t had much to do the past couple days, so I’m gonna put some time into this now.

  92. Well, take your time man. We’re not rushing or anything, just wondering what’s up.

  93. The only thing that worries me is that Soywiz and you would drop the translation, after all the work
    And, if i’m not wrong, the translation is nearly complete, so the only thing that is left is to test it…

    And, take your time, even it isn’t release by the next year i will be happy when it is complete(and, an imperfect work isn’t fair for Haruhi XD)

  94. Droped Soywiz a line at least?

  95. I hope this gets done within this year…

  96. Whena you can download the patch?

  97. I know, I know “let him takes his time”.
    But seriousely Zarradeth , you have wake up, it’s been a while since we are waiting this.
    I’ll hope you will be done soon.

  98. Hey Zarradeth, been a while, any progress?

  99. Are things going well?

  100. Did the haruhi 100% picture changed or was it me o.O

  101. HI Zarradeth.. Thanks for the effort your making on this project.. I’ll definitely help out in seeding if you chose the release to be a torrent and will set up duplicates on file hosting sites as well.. This project has been around for some time now and it will be awfully disappointing if someone who have just discovered the beauty of Haruhism find dead links a year after the patch was released.

    I’m looking forward to any word you might have on the project and this one is really for the books once it’s completed 🙂

  102. What the heck! it’s Fox_DL not fullmetalfoxFox_DL.. Sheesh!

  103. I feel annoying asking this.

    But any news on the release?
    I am not rushing you, I’d just like to know if there is an estimated release timeframe.

    Thank you for your time.

  104. So, any more news? Last thing was almost a month ago….

  105. I don’t want to be a bother, but how is this going?

  106. No, you guys are all okay asking for progress. I have been neglecting this (I need to find a job and have been look around and trying to get one). I REALLY need to finish this up though.

    I am so sorry everyone. I actually do feel bad that this hasn’t been finished yet- if for no other reason than the fact that Tom (our translator) finished the text and we haven’t finished our part of the work.

  107. Sometimes when I’m playing a long game, I’ll make it right near the end with just the final stretch ahead and for some reason lose the intensity of interest I had. Like I’ve accomplished everything important and had fun but can’t find motivation to actually go through the final motions. I usually pick it up again after playing something else for a while, but sometimes I wait too long and I just decide to start the game over.

    What I’m trying to say is, for the love of god, please don’t start over! (゚Д゚|||)

  108. Well, it really has been a long time since the last update, seeing the 100% picture is also quite misleading too…to be honest, I bought a copy of the game just to be able to play your work (especially if you are going to end up making it a plugin, because I wouldn’t have to buy a new memory card), so seeing that you are neglecting it is sad to see. But I can really understand you. Working on translating the game myself made me realize how hard it can seem to finish to project. You also made me realize how lazy I am and that I should finish my own project. If anything, And that cover I promised to you… only thing it’s missing is the text, but making that up is hard. Oh well, good luck with getting a job AND getting this patch out too! You will feel great once you have released it, I’m sure about that.

  109. Man, thank god everyone else said something. I came here felling like a a-hole about to ask about how things were going.

    Anyway, thanks for the update. Hope you finish soon, and good luck job hunting. It`s been tough lately.

  110. Well, i dont mean to be an ass or something but… i would really like it if you actually finished the god damned thing.
    I mean… its something you do on your own of your volition and im not paying you a dime. But… me and many others would love to be able to play it… even after this long.
    I will play it for at least 6 hours straight after you release it. Period.

  111. It can’t be long now, the end MUST be near!

  112. Can’t wait till your finished but take your time and relax!

    I just graduated from Uni as well so I know what it’s like.

  113. Please, If you are not going to finish this any time soon, at least release what you have done so far.

  114. We all believe in you! We believe you can finish it! So finish it already!

  115. has there been any progress in the hacking?

  116. We’re going on another month here with no update. You doin’ alright?

  117. Ugh, c’mon, the translation’s done. You’re in the home stretch…

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