Happy (Belated) New Year!

Okay, I’m about a week late, but I wrote this post a couple days ago and am now finally getting it posted. This post is a couple days later than promised (I’m not longer on vacation and am actually writing this at work), but it’s here none the less. So, as usual lately, here is a new post months after the last. And we do have some things to go over, some important things.

So to start, let’s talk about the translation progress. Last time I talked to Tom, our translator, he said he was going to crack down on this, and lately he has a bit. Only a couple of days ago he sent me an email to let me know that all of Haruhi’s text is translated. Every time a word comes out of her mouth it should appear on the screen as English! I believe all of the normal dialog is translated, and all that’s left are everyone else’s Motion Portrait Scenes (the special one-on-one scenes). This means that, obviously, the translation itself is still coming along, which is good news.

Now, about the hacking, and pretty much everything else- Soywiz and I have discussed how we want to go about the hacking, the best solution would probably be to do a prx that will hook the functions that display text to the screen as well as the display for the backlog and other things. This will allow us to bypass the buffer that is giving us trouble now (there is a size limit to it, which we break a lot. Going over that limit causes a buffer overflow and a crash). Our current fix now is to break these long entries into multiple dialog parts. The downside to this is that the spoken portion that matches that text doesn’t get displayed for the second entry on a split entry. Also, we have a bit of a problem with long names (buffer overflows again, but this time they run into the script entry name, so it extends the name to include the name and whatever part of the dialog entry name wasn’t overwritten). The prx would also probably handle this issue, but we could easily eliminate this issue by just using shorter names (the only name that has caused issue is something like the “Computer Club”). To fix these issues without a prx would require a lot of work.

That said, here comes the bad news. Both Soywiz and I are incredibly busy. Soywiz is starting his own business working from home- which reduces his free time to zilch. And I have 6 months of school left. Along with the fact that the last couple of months of school + work has left me with no free time, these last 6 months will be brutal. I am even considering to take the last 4 months off work, but that’s only so I can focus on my senior project, as I have an awesome group of people for it and we want to make something awesome (something we could enter into, say, the IGF student competition and get noticed or something we could turn around and sell, that kind of thing would get us jobs). I have multiple projects I wish I could pour time into, but sadly I don’t even have time to really work on one project that isn’t school related.

So what does this mean? Soywiz has considered making the project public and releasing the tools we have for it. But, Tom wants to finish the translation, and I’ve seen his work- He is an excellent translator and proofing/checking the translation should be fairly quick. This still leaves the hacking and the images I haven’t finished. I’m not worried about the images as the hard ones are done and I have translations for all of them—when the time comes it shouldn’t take much to finish them off. Hacking on the other hand is a bit of an unknown currently. I’m not worried about it, but I’m just putting the facts out there. Absolute worst case, we can release a patch that has less than optimal hacks/workarounds so the game doesn’t crash. You guys will be getting a patch, and it will be functioning and have all the dialog finished, but there are some unknowns at this point. And I’m sorry—I realize I always tell you guys that we are busy, but that’s how it is :/ and even more so than before. In the next 6 months I have multiple serious life decisions I have to make and I know I will have lots of work to do. I can honestly say I currently don’t know what the future will hold.

~ by Zarradeth on January 7, 2012.

95 Responses to “Happy (Belated) New Year!”

  1. I’ts alright dude!
    You’ll do great in the last few months of school!
    Concerning how great you’ve been doing on this that is 🙂
    I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines for both your school and this project!
    and give Tom my support (y)

  2. Thanks, I really appreciate it.

    I’ve also been accepted as a CA at GDC this year between when I wrote this and posted it. This means really have to get my website with my work/resume/etc setup along with business cards and a linkedin profile and all that fun stuff.

  3. I’m just glad to know there’s still interest in this project. Have fun at GDC, with your school work, and get to this when you can.

  4. Keep it up and don’t stop your far to late to stop now give it your all and your best I know you can do it you can make it and surprise us I will play this and pass on your Living Legend about the translation so please don’t stop now keep the rate bar going im rooting for you.

  5. Yeah!!! you broke through the 80th percentile 😮
    Keep Up the good work and good luck

  6. we have waited paciently all this time, we can wait all the time you guys need.

    it’s at 80% now. we are more than happy to see it comes so far, and will simply wait it comes to 100. no matter when.

    good luck withe thw school and work stuff, and the same to Soywiz at his own business.

    we’ll be waiting

  7. Thank you for all your hard work.

  8. I’m still here… 🙂

  9. Going strong to the end 🙂
    I was going to sell my PSP.. until I remembered this :[
    Hope it’s worth it! Thanks to the whole team to make this happen!

  10. @sheps
    Heck I’m thinking of buying a new PSP just for this X3

  11. Holy kittens, 81.2%! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

  12. All of Koizumi’s lines are in English now.

  13. Awesome!!
    Hey im wondering if this is going to be free or private.

  14. where do i download the patched version? i really want to play it even if is not 100% translated can someone help me download it?

  15. It will be free, and there aren’t any links for any patches yet.

  16. Asahina’s text is all done now.

    Three down, three to go.

    Only Nagato, Shamisen, and Tsuruya are left.

  17. OMG 90% Christmas is coming!

  18. Congrats on hitting 90%!
    Been following since you were halfway and I`ll keep going to the end!

  19. countdown to epic: 10% to go!

  20. Alright SWEET! 90%

  21. 91.2! OMFG!! ITS GONNA HAPPEN 😀

  22. I’m not freaking out, i’m freaking in. LOL. glad to see it nearly complete.

  23. countdown to epic: 8% to go! (How could I miss 9%?)

  24. Nagato’s text is done.

    (Only Shamisen and Tsuruya remain now.)

    Glad to see that you guys are excited!

  25. 7% wow fast 🙂

  26. 93,4 %

  27. OMG OMG OMG! 🙂

  28. I’m so glad to see this progressing, at a rapid rate nonetheless. Good luck on the remaining scripts and thank you for your hard work.

  29. Would you like to become the next Italian President?
    You got all it takes! xD

    We love ya!

  30. I leave you at 80 then come back to see 94 O_o
    I got to get everything ready
    With this translation done and and finding out Vol 10 has also been translated
    Early 2012 just keeps on getting better 🙂

  31. Man, I leave for 2 days and it jumps 7%! Hope you guys get the hacking sorted out. I assume that`s the hardest part of all this huh?

  32. err, 4%… Don`t know where 7 came from.

  33. Thanks, indeed 🙂
    Only 6% to go, the train is arriving!

  34. HOLY SHIT.
    Last time I checked it was at 77%, now it’s at 94…
    I’m so freakin’ happy I bought this game last year. And it’ll be a plugin! Best way to release a translation. No need to dump the game and go through all hell to get it to work, just pop it in and nerdgasm.

  35. so close! @_@

  36. 5% =D

    I’m running out of things to say :[
    *cheers the translation team on*

  37. HOLY SH*T wow come on ……nice progress btw are you guys gonna translate Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisō

  38. Well, the translation “team” is only one person. (Yours truly.)

    Of course, my translation would be rather useless without the hacking team making it playable. Hopefully they can find the time to work out the snags as I complete the translation and then go over the first-draft of the script. (There’s a lot of text to re-read… Slowly and carefully.)

    For various reasons, it took a while for me to get motivated enough to crack down on it… But when I get down to business, I can get things done. I am pretty proud of how the script has turned out thus far.

    I would love to work on another PSP game in the future.

  39. hey tom. if possible would you help me with my psp translation when your done with this project. i’m currently working on La Pucelle Ragnarok PSP game. i have unpacked everything and i just need a translator since i’m just an lone hacker, an noobish one at that. i’m also trying to get hacker advice since i know that unpacking can be EZ its the repacking and patching thats hard.

  40. I was under the impression that there was already a La Pucelle translation available for the PS2. Also, I am bad at SRPGs… Sorry! I’ll have to pass on it.

    But hey, good luck! I hope you can get it hacked!

  41. thanks for the encouragement. The Ps 2 is Tactics, Ragnarok is the psp port with added content and new side story and ect. Ragnarok never got ported to the USA so i decided to try to start my translation. can you point me to an forum or user who many be helpful to me?

  42. Holy mother of Kyon. I’ve had this site bookmarked for over a year and just when it seemed like progress had slowed to a halt, you jump like 20% since I last checked! You’re awesome, Tom, thanks for coming through. And if you intend to translate more PSP games, I hope you do more visual novels since we get next to none in english.

  43. Dam…Im so suprised…and happy just..too happy

  44. Holy Cow! Seeing the percent skyrocket over the past few days has been awesome! Thank you VERY much Tom!

  45. woohoo,.. maan! we’d be more delighted if you also translated the vanishment/disappearance psp novel
    also cant wait for this to finish,… good thing i was able to bookmarked this last year or i werent be able to bump this blog again (to find out your giving a huge progress translating it for the past few week)

    we appreciate your work!
    and keep rockin’ on! \m/

  46. 4,5%… \(*o*)/

  47. Actually, I don’t have any other PSP visual novels (not even the sequel to this one). I actually only got this game after I decided to work on this translation. I wanted to support PSP hackers, because there aren’t enough of them out there.

    I would especially like to translate one of two PSP games next.

    1) Tengai Makyou: The Apocalypse IV – Daiyon no Mokushiroku. It’s my dream-game. It’s set in America, so I feel that it deserves to be in English!

    2) I would also like to translate Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3: Kowareyuku Machi to Kanojo no Uta, because after the earthquake in Fukushima, the whole series was discontinued by irem, and I want to give it one last tribute.

  48. @Tom: Thanks, I didn’t know it’s only one translator :]
    and thanks to the hacker team =D

    also: 4% to go (屮°Д°)屮 ~Itadakimasu!

  49. When I first joined this project, there were actually many people (of varying levels of Japanese proficiency) trying to translate it, but each person was translating things in a different way, so the script was all over the place. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying about “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Well, it applies to translators on a script, too.

    I redid all of their work back when the script percentage was in the ‘teens, to make the narrative consistent. It really makes a difference, in my opinion. I don’t have the old script, but I think Zarradeth can vouch for me there.

    I do hope Soywiz and Zarradeth continue to be involved in the fan-translation scene. I would like to work with them again in the future!

  50. I can vouch that Tom is an excellent translator. Most of the people that we had working were not the most proficient in Japanese most of the time. Most of them ended up realizing that they underestimated how hard translating would be. I still appreciate their effects, but that’s why it was hard to get translators, and why once Tom started we kinda stopped looking for more.

    That said, I don’t plan on doing any more translation. As I’ve said before, this project was started by two people who really didn’t know what they were doing meeting in an IRC channel. It’s definitely been an experience, and I’ve met awesome people because of this and don’t regret it, but this really wasn’t well organized. If it wasn’t for Tales Translations, this probably wouldn’t have gone anywhere.

    Admittedly, since starting I have learned a ton about hacking (through my work on Chrono Trigger) and programming (as I’m about to graduate school now) so I would be in a better position to continue working on translations and hacking- but translating isn’t something that really interests me. Though, it could be that there just aren’t any games that interest me, as I still plan on continuing my work on Chrono Trigger once I get free time again. I really don’t have much free time, but that will probably change after I graduate (about 4 months) and hopefully get a job. I am happy to see this finally getting completed, as I’ve said multiple times I know this has taken a long time.

    And I would work with Tom again, and everyone else, in the future. I think Tom is a pretty cool guy. Eh translates really well and doesn’t afraid of anything. But seriously, while I don’t plan on doing more fan translations, I’ll definitely keep in touch.

  51. the reminescenes of haruhi vngame is much more better than what you’d expect it to be,… unlike others, it has a unique type of gameplay,… not sure how it goes cuz i barely understand japanese,.. but this video would pretty much explain everything http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qtou1El4Qik
    i presume its about recalling what happen and use it as a trigger for the event,.. or maybe kyon timetravels as he desire

    itll be awesome if you also translated this game,…
    also,.. thank you for translating “the promise of haruhi suzumiya” will tell my friends about it and will support your works ;D

  52. 3%


  53. Note: we are just finding out that the percentage meter could be +/- 2.7%

  54. >> +/- 2.7%
    >> + 2.7%
    >> 97.3% + 2.7%

    Hope dies last!

  55. What’s Shamisen doing out of that bag?

  56. veeeery subtle guys…. now i’m gonna have to check back repeatedly for a new announcement post @_@

  57. Great to see you are progressing 🙂

    I would like to see a short summary on what you have done hackingwise with the game just out of curiosity. From what I’ve read it looks like you had not much experience on the subject of hacking. What did you learned and where did you get the information to do so?


  58. The suspense is absolutely killing me. Can’t wait!

  59. I feel like a kid counting down the hours left to Christmas day. All that is left is 02.7%.

  60. got stuck at 97.3% lol

  61. WOW at the progress! I can’t believe this is actually going to happen!

  62. Oh my god!!! last time i check it was at like 70% and now its almost done!!! Wow, you are pretty much freaken awesome!!!

  63. i’m a huge haruhi fan and i cant wait for this to get finished

  64. 2.7%! I can’t wait!

  65. One word: awwwweeeesome! ^.^

  66. Is there any reason that there hasn’t been any progress on the Percent image for the past two weeks? Or is it messing up D:
    Either way, goodluck 😀 Dying to play this! Thanks a lot guys [:

  67. See above comments ;P

  68. great it’s almost 98%, I’ve been following your progress since you announce it in your old website guess it was 4 years ago, finally I see the time to play the game coming soon.
    you are doing a great job thanks man.

  69. 2.7% wow it’s nearly done keep it going.

  70. alright can’t wait for this to be finished, nice job!

  71. When will this be finished? Can’t wait!

  72. 2.7%…

    *barfs rainbows and butterflies*

  73. Oh yeah ! Tou did a really great job ! Ganbatte !

  74. Can’t wait!

  75. cant wait for the game to be translated.btw could you tell me why there hasnt been any progress for quite some time now?

  76. Reviewing/Editing is currently being done.

  77. Awesome!

  78. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess after that is patching and ect right?

  79. wished i could do more than stand here and watch you finish it :3


  80. Awesome. I’ll looking forward to it. Thanks

  81. its done YAHOO

  82. 100%BUM DUM HUM tetetetetrtetetet ……..

  83. Wait hold on *puts on reading lens*

    I-It’s done!?

    Finished? Finito? Complete?


  84. Please tell me this is NOT an april fool’s joke!


  86. Zarradeth – you are too cruel …

  87. If… if this is only beacause of the April Fools’ Day, then it’s too cruel…

  88. This better not be an April Fools’ joke…

  89. 0%?! Nononononono! April Fools’, right?

  90. Or a april fool’s or his HD exploded and everything is lost.

    pray to be the first opition

  91. I thought that 100% was cruel, but now I see, that 0% is even more cruel.
    All Hail April Fools’ Day!


  93. 0% ;_;

  94. ^^

  95. Dont mess or joke around man…

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