Look! A Wild Post!

Told you I would write a new post since I was going on vacation- and seeing as how my flight has just been bumped to a 5 hour delay (versus a 2 hour delay, I wasn’t even suppose to transfer planes), now seems like a good time to do this (ignoring that I don’t have internet to post it atm). (Actually, I’m actualy posting this during the flight home- I’m on the plane atm).

So, what has been going on? What is there to say? We surpassed the 50% mark a while ago- most of you noticed that. I was originally going to make a post after that happened, had it written up and everything, but I never got around to adding the pictures I had planned for it and it never got posted. So, months later, here’s a blog post mentioning it. At this point, the scripts are all translated, all that is left are the motion portrait scenes. But, as I’ve said before, when that hits 100% it doesn’t mean that a patch will instantly be released, but it will be close. Proof reading and testing will still need to be done, but the hardest part will be out of the way.

As was going to be in the original 50% post, I spent some time testing the game the last time I had some time off for a vacation (wow, I guess the last blog post was a long time ago)- and I must say the game is unplayable without the motion portrait scenes translated xD. That aside, what I could do was good- I noticed some typos, and there are a couple bugs that need to be fixed (there was a freezing bug, which might still exist, I believe there is something wrong with one of the scripts). And also, there is some hacking that needs to be done…

Which brings me to my next point. Hacking. There are a couple things that need to be done in terms of hacking- somewhat important things. Extending the display buffer for the text, as well as the backlog and names buffers. Right now there are names that are too long (they could be shortened if need be) and when they are displayed it also displays the script name since it overflows. As for the text buffers, if we overflow those we get a crash. Right now Soywiz has put a fix in place that splits text entries that are too long into two separate entries, but this isn’t ideal. If we can’t really extend the text buffer, we can improve the way splits are done (it’s pretty messy atm) and use that. As I said before, I started working on the hacking aspects during a short span of time off I had, but most of my time was spent getting the emulator to break on memory writes like it should. I have three addresses in the boot.bin that contains the code that writes to the buffer, but since the emulator doesn’t do tracing, things are turning into a bit of a larger pain than I initially expected- and then I just ran out of time to work on it more.

And, while I’m on the subject of emulators, good news for those who can’t run ISOs on their PSP (since you have to run a patched image, not because you have to pirate it), JCPSP can run SHNY- you just a) can’t use the media engine (it hangs when starting a game if you do, and the PMFs don’t have audio anyways, iirc some of SHNY’s PMFs are a screwy format). And b) You need fonts off a PSP and need to have the emulator use those fonts, without the PSP fonts you won’t get/will get screwed up text output. But otherwise, the game is playable (albeit slow). Also, this was using a version of JCPSP that is out of date- if you get the most recent builds, the PMFs might work and not hang. Looking through some of the changelogs since the version I was using- at least the hang bug might be fixed, if not the audio as well (Also, the fact that I don’t have sonic stage or whatever program is needed for the PSP audio format installed might be why I don’t have audio).

So, to sum things all up- translation is still coming along and getting close. Hacking still needs to be done, but since JCPSP can run SHNY, and has some debug features (tracing would make me a happy camper though) it’s a big help. Things are coming along, still, but as usual most everyone involved with this project is busy. But we are still alive.

~ by Zarradeth on July 3, 2011.

43 Responses to “Look! A Wild Post!”

  1. Thanks for this update and cheers for being still alive. I’ll buy you all a beer if you ever come down to Ottawa.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the update, and good luck!

  3. Thanks. Great news. Any idea/guess/gauge on when will you be done with everything?

  4. Kitta! its here now i feel o so much better about waiting a lil longer. keep up the good work.

  5. =O Glad to see it’s alive. And lol for posting posts like…6 months after your last. XD

  6. can i bear your child?

  7. Beautiful I can see it now, my baby on my PSP and me understanding X3

  8. nagato uses words of encouragement! It’s super effective!

    Keep up the good work =3

  9. keep up the good work!

  10. I wish you lick and patience! Keep working :3

  11. Damn, comment fail T___T
    I meant LUCK xD

  12. Amazed at this update. Seems there life yet ^^
    Good lic… I mean luck, and thanks for keeping us updated. :3

  13. Yahoo thx for still bein alive I am looking forward to seein a patch…. Arigatou gozaimas

  14. you’re still working on it right?

  15. Yes, afaik the percentage isn’t updating (this happens a lot) and that needs to be fixed (not sure if/how much it will jump when it’s fixed). And also Soywiz has thought up a different way to tackle the hacking since as it is now it would be rather difficult to do what we need. Him and I have talked a little bit about how we would have to do things, but we haven’t gotten too in depth.

  16. Lool it moved. Only 0.67% but it moved woot : D

  17. OMG 75.5 % !! Good, good !

  18. Yeah, Soywiz fixed the issue with stuff not updating (hence the jump) and Tom said he plans on working on this the next couple days.

  19. It went up? I couldn’t tell lol. But that’s good, progress is progress. Keep up the great work guys!

  20. wow 76% 🙂

  21. 76,4% Cool!

  22. And I thought the translation was abandoned.
    Thanks a lot for continuing it, can’t wait to play it!

  23. more 24% but can you upload one patch for the moment pleaaaaaase ? 😦

  24. Wow surprised this is still going. Too bad a more interesting Haruhi PSP game has come out since this one did 😛

    Still looking forward to this though, keep up the good work!

  25. Just a little more.

  26. hasn’t been an update in a while

  27. Yes! 0.4% update!

  28. in year 10 now, im hoping its finished before i finish school, i wanna play dating sims at school on a portable console [in english] so badly… XD
    keep up teh god work!~

  29. I know the feeling. I was in highschool when this started and now I’ve got 8 months left of college. So yes, I realize this is taking a long time– we all do.

  30. I have faith in you >).

  31. I even bought the game from eBay to get ready for this!
    I hope you guys finish soon! 🙂

  32. I added this in my bookmarks. Just in case I forget again. lolz.

  33. GO!

  34. 77%, not bad. Keep it up, I am still here checking things from time to time. 😀 You know I was around since the project started and will be till it ends. 🙂

  35. I found my registration e-mail for the old forum, to my surprise it’s still up and runnin’ and looked at our registration info: yo_man: Group: Members Posts: 12 Member No.: 99 Joined: 26-March 08 and Zarradeth: Group: Admin Posts: 14 Member No.: 2 Joined: 9-February 08. ’08?! Has it been that long? Wow, years pass by so fast! *o*

  36. I think its time for another post dont ya think? Mayb one during christmas break just to stay updated : P

  37. An update, I see… hrm

  38. Sorry, I do need to do another update. I’ve been extremely busy lately (though, admittedly, I do have a break from school now). I will be flying home for the holidays here soon so maybe I’ll get stuck in the airport again and be able to write you guys some stuff then 😛
    Though, seriously, an update is in order. There is stuff to discuss, including how busy everyone involved is and what might happen to the project. It’s not being dropped and tossed, and it’s still being worked on without any changes to our current plan now- but the future is uncertain at the moment.

  39. goooood i will consider it as a new year present (?) keep up the good work!!

  40. I can try for that. I just got home last night and I leave on the evening of the 30th. I should be able to find time between then to write something up. Worst case, I know I have about an hour layover at the airport on my way back.

  41. So…….
    Where can I get the patch now? x’D

  42. Itching to play this ;P Thanks alot for your work. Bookmarked and I keep refreshing every few hours to check the progress picture D:

  43. soon 😀

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