A New Post!!11!1!~1one!

I promised it, so now I will follow up- the only problem is (like I’ve said) there isn’t too much to say. Soo, this post, in order to fill it out a bit, there is probably going to be a fair bit of off topic.

So let’s start, of course, with the on topic stuff- the translation. The script translation has been chugging along, Tom has been busy lately and his bits of free time have been getting sucked away with other things, but I do believe he will have more time in the future to put towards working on this- but he should correct me if I’m wrong. There are still images to do, but they are all small and there is more than enough time to do them before the script is done. And hacking wise there are still a few weird bugs, but- as with the images, there is still time to work on that later (and I haven’t heard from Soywiz in a while, but this tends to happen, so I’m not worried.) And… I don’t know what else to say here, so this might be all the on topic stuff I can come up with– told ya there wasn’t much to say. But I guess posting like this does indicate that we are still alive and kicking- and I was starting to feel that there hadn’t been a post in a while (I’ve just been extremely busy, got a job recently and between that and school my free time went from plentiful to almost non-existent).

So, what else is there to post? I could rant on about life, but that’s not the kinda stuff you are here to read about, so let’s throw in something at least some of you might be interested in. I debated posting this a while back, but since it was off topic and I felt a post dedicated to it was kinda outta line I didn’t. But seeing as how it will fill out this blog post nicely, I might as well. Plus, I’ve previously done Chrono Trigger related stuff on here (April Fools stuff) so why not?

(I recommend full-screening the video)

That is the Chrono Trigger MusiCompanion (CTM for short). I released it on RHDN a while back- you can find the thread here: http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php/topic,10942.0.html
The programming aspect too a couple months of work, and the reversing took a couple weeks I believe. I did the reversing a couple months before the programming and had asked Soywiz to program it (because at the time I could program at all). But, he’s got a lot on his plate and is usually busy with other things, so he never got around to it. So, now that I’ve completed the core programming class and know a bit about what I’m doing, I wrote that. You can download it from the thread on RHDN, and it also includes the source for the DLL in the download. The source for the injector isn’t included, but that came from a tutorial which I link to in the credits (with some very minor tweaks so that it uses relative paths). As I say in the RHDN thread, the source is released for purely education purposes, being able to reference code and see how things are done is always a huge help to me, and that’s my thought when including the source with the release.

So, basically, if you like Chrono Trigger, download it and give it a shot (You need Windows and ZSnes). This program definitely came a lot further than I ever intended, and I exceeded my expectations with the resulting program– and I hope any of you Chrono Trigger fans out there enjoy it. 🙂

Also, to make this a little special, I’m going to include some things you will only find in this blog post. First, here is a promo video that I was working on to release with it. But for a promo I didn’t want to use commercial tracks (and I accidentally used two) and I didn’t want to change it, so I ended up scrapping the promo video idea in place of a gameplay video. Also, here is my favorite scene in all of Chrono Trigger with my replacement music (again, I didn’t normally release this video or use it in the promo video since I knew it had commerical music). Those links will eventually go down since they are hosted on tinypic, but they should last long enough. The oldest of the two uploads is already from almost two months ago (I dug them outta chat logs). And lastly, for you guys, I’m gonna give you my recommended track list (it actually does take some time to throw together 82 fitting replacement songs), but it will be in the comments, and I’m not giving out a download, since it does contain commercial tracks.

And with that, I don’t know what else to write, so I guess that brings this post to the end 😛 Hopefully I’ll have more to write about the next time I make another blog post. 🙂

~ by Zarradeth on July 19, 2010.

20 Responses to “A New Post!!11!1!~1one!”

  1. Track list-
    00: Nothing
    01: Fishing Hole – Zelda Twilight Princess OST
    02: Chrono Trigger 600 AD in Piano – OC ReMix
    03: Corridors of Time – Chrono Trigger Resurrection
    05: No. 0724FGARK – Ergo Proxy OST
    06: Chrono Trigger Jethro And Vash At The Fair – OC ReMix
    07: Radical Dreamers Far Drama – OC ReMix
    08: Guardia Forest Orcestrated – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyoMX6u1WGU
    09: Judgement Fray – Machinae Supremacy
    0A: Memory Warehouse – Eureka Seven OST
    0B: Dragon God – Chrono Cross OST
    0C: The Heavens’ Majesty – Last Remnant OST
    0D: Chrono Trigger Corrupter of Time – OC ReMix
    0E: Robo’s Theme – Chrono Trigger Resurrection
    0F: Morning Sunlight – Chrono Trigger Resurrection
    10: Ilia’s Theme – Zelda Twilight Princess OST
    11: None
    12: Leene’s Bell – Chrono Trigger Resurrection
    13: Road To The Light – Last Exile OST
    14: Chrono Trigger ‘SchalaAncients’ – OC ReMix
    15: Chrono Trigger ‘Spekkio Beach Party’ – OC ReMix (with the quiet intro chopped off)
    16: Omnislash (Hurry Up!) – http://ff7.ocremix.org
    17: Justice For All Court Suite – Turnabout Orchestra
    18: Chrono Trigger The Frontier – OC ReMix
    19: Nothing
    1A: Nothing
    1B: Victory ~A Gift of Spring~ – Chrono Cross OST
    1C: Short Fanfare 04 – FF Tactics – Unreleased Tracks
    1D: Rebel Base – Freedom Fighters OST
    1E: Peaceful Day – Chrono Trigger Resurrection
    1F: Yureai – Elfen Lied OST
    20: Nothing
    21: Nothing
    22: Nothing
    23: Darkest Omen – Chrono Symphonic
    24: Nothing
    25: Nothing
    26: The Day the World Revived – Chrono Trigger Resurrection
    27: ROBOTS vs. The Bullshit Samurai – Bound Together
    28: Dancing Mad – The Black Mages
    29: Chrono Trigger Fight for Our Future – OC ReMix (with the intro alarm chopped off)
    2A: Chrono Trigger Theme of Frog’s – OC ReMix
    2B: Slumber – Chrono Cross OST
    2C: Chrono Cross RadicalPunks – OC ReMix
    2D: WombSys – Ergo Proxy OST
    2E: Nothing
    2F: Giwaku – Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni OST
    30: Title (A Presentiment) – Chrono Trigger Resurrection
    31: Main Menu (Zeal Palace) – Chrono Trigger Resurrection
    32: Assault of the Silver Dragons (FFIX) – The Black Mages
    33: Streets of Rage 2 ‘Slow Moon Groove’ – OC ReMix
    34: Nothing
    35: Nothing
    36: Anji – Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni OST
    37: Nothing
    38: Echoes at the Mountain Peak – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles OST
    39: World Revolution (Beta) – Chrono Trigger Resurrection
    3A: Nothing
    3B: Chrono Trigger Behind the Sealed Door – OC ReMix
    3C: Isabella Leader Of The Resistance – Freedom Fighters OST
    3D: Short Fanfare 08 – FF Tactics – Unreleased Tracks
    3E: The Brink of Time – Chrono Trigger Resurrection
    3F: To Far Away Times – Chrono Symphonic
    40: Lakebed Temple – Zelda Twilight Princess OST
    41: Jouzai – Elfen Lied OST
    42: Nothing
    43: Nothing
    44: Twilight Realm – Zelda Twilight Princess OST
    45: Those Who Fight Further (FFVII) – The Black Mages
    46: Tyrannosaurus – Chronotorious
    47: Nothing
    48: The Crumbling Fortress – The Last Remnant OST
    49: Kirby Superstar Victory Festival – OC ReMix
    4A: Nothing
    4B: Nothing
    4C: Nothing
    4D: Sleepy Yay (Epilogue – To Good Friends) – Chrono Trigger Resurrection
    4E: Boss Battle 2 – Chrono Trigger Resurrection
    4F: Short Fanfare 06 – FF Tactics – Unreleased Tracks
    50: Inflexible Determination – Final Fantasy X OST
    51: Hunters Chance (FFIX) – The Black Mages
    52: Girl who Stole the Stars – Chrono Cross OST

    w00t long ass comment,
    hopefully at least someone gets some use out of this :3
    Enjoy 😀

  2. If the video doesn’t work, here is a link- http://vimeo.com/12324002
    I think it should work, but it’s being very finicky on my computer and doesn’t load half the time.

  3. YES the project is going on, good luck with it guys 😀

  4. good luck to all the translation guys n gals i know there a lot of my mates looking forward to it XD anywho’s roll on the day it is finished XD

  5. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the finished product!

  6. Thanks for the update and keep on it, we’re expecting this patch to play the game (at least I do cause I don’t understand japanese enough to play without it) 🙂


  7. not to rush u or anything. ive been following this blog since the haruhi psp game first came out 3 years ago. can u please write a new blog that informs us if ur done with the project or if ur planning on finishing can u tell us when approximately it will be done. i check once every month and i really hope u’ll finish before ur hard work and talent goes to waste and all of ur followers dissappear.

  8. @viewiful

    Fans disappear?
    I actually think more and more people have been coming since i’ve started watching this blog.
    Also words cannot express the gratitude I feel for you all doing this for the haruhi community.
    When yall complete this patch you will have the honor of being the first completed psp visual novel patch maybe even the first completed patch for any psp game(That I currently know of, if im wrong please correct me).

  9. I am glad that this project is moving along! Thank you very much for all your hard work!

    And damn! You must have done some serious programming for that chrono trigger project of yours! Can you suggest a good tutorial on where I could begin learning how to hack roms?

  10. @viewiful
    When the project is complete it will appear on this blog, the only reason I have stuff outside of the translation project is so that I have more to post than 3 lines of me pretty much saying things are moving as usual.

    I think there are some small translation patches for other PSP games, the biggest I think was a Monster Hunter game got translated, but I’m not 100% sure myself. As for fans, some have come and gone, or at least don’t post as much as they use to. But there are more of a variety of people posting :3

    Hmm, a place to start rom hacking. I should note that I didn’t do much of the hacking aspect of Haruhi. Hacking around with PSP games is a bit more difficult than stuff like SNES- since no good emulators exist (you can’t step through what the system is doing). I find that SNES is much easier to get started with, especially Chrono Trigger because it is amazingly well documented and lots of in depth tools exist for it (Namely Temporal Flux). I pretty much got into rom hacking on Chrono Trigger by getting involved with other projects and eventually trying to tackle some tasks. With the SNES9x Debug emulator you can step through instructions that games are running and try to understand what a game is doing. Here are some good references for SNES instructions-

    The second doc only covers instructions on the NES, but that includes most of them, and it’s much more friendly about presenting itself. The first doc has info on what the second one is missing. And the wikibooks link is useful for looking up stuff like hardware registers.

    I pretty much just dived in and messed around when I got into hacking around Chrono Trigger (And I just recently helped a friend do some stuff with Megaman on the SNES). Once you get use to disassembly, it’s not too bad to do yourself, in my opinion. It just takes playing around. Break points are also important to get use to, since it helps you track down the code that modifies the values you are looking for. For example, I knew the song numbers for what song was going to be playing in Chrono Trigger. So I used the cheat searcher to find the value in RAM. I eventually came across a RAM value which holds the song number that is being changed to (but only when it’s changing, afterwards it goes back to E0). So I put a break point on that ram value (read and write), now the emulator will break whenever that ram location gets read from or written to and I can step through the code the emulator is executing. Thus I was able to get an understanding of what Chrono Trigger was doing regarding music. I also found out that the ram values that changed the songs also did all other sound related changes. So after looking up how the SPC-700 works in the SNES (a co-processor in the SNES, it generally handles music), I found that the main CPU and the SPC communicate through 4 ports, and these 4 ram values I have are all copied to the SPC’s ports. From there I was able to figure out how commands worked, since it had to tell the SPC what to do somehow, and it did it by taking these 4 ram values and sending their values to the SPC’s ports. Thus, using some already existing documentation and making some of my own, I found out the commands that Chrono Trigger uses for music. Now, with some tactically placed break points, I can control Chrono Trigger’s music, either change the song, changed the volume, tempo, play a sound effect, etc. whenever I want. And with such an understanding of how music is done in Chrono Trigger, I can make it my bitch. And to be honest, I had done all this reversing a few months before trying to do the program, but most of what I had found and planned was thrown out the window as I learned more and more about the quirks of how Chrono Trigger works, more and more work arounds and stuff had to be programmed. It actually turned into a lot of work. But it was worth it in my opinion- I’ve played through CT so many times during testing that everytime some of the music I used as a replacement starts playing in winamp, I think– “What the hell, I’m not listening to the Chrono Trigger OST”, then I facepalm and continue whatever I’m doing.

    Wow, that turned into a huge rant.
    Those 3 links have useful docs for understanding SNES disassembly, use Geiger’s debug SNES9x emulator and learn to use break points. Other than that, it’s pretty much just playing around and learning on your own. The more you do it the better you will get. And try to do it with a goal in mind, if you are aimlessly trying to do something, your probably won’t get anything done, but if you– say, make the function in Chrono Trigger that changes music do nothing, so music never changes, you have a goal in mind, you have values you want to find, break points you want to set, and function you want to change- thus you work towards that.

    I get the feeling this is going to end up being me ranting and not too helpful at all…

    *clicks submit anyways*

    If you have more specific questions, I can help you– I’m just not too keen on the whole starting point. I just jumped into it and learnt as I went (but Chrono Trigger is a good starting point because it’s so well documented and has so many editors and utilities).

  11. I really hope it will get done soon!

  12. I know the project won’t even be out of the 50s% for a while, but I still check in a couple times a week hoping for a Haruhi-esque miracle. >_<

    Thanks for keeping up the awesome work!

  13. Good luck to the guys translating this game!!!
    Been checking this blog everytime to check if the percentage rises lol^^ Cant wait to play this^^

  14. 54,2% 🙂 It’s going up! 😀

  15. Little by little it’s going up.
    Keep it up guys!!


  16. 55.5%! It’s moving slowly but surly! Thanks for all the work.

  17. do you have a date for its release or can you say how much of it have you done, PLUS YOU GUYS ROCK FOR THIS

  18. It moved.. Just watched the Disappearance of Haruhi movie, fantastic show.

  19. Disappearance = Awesome beyond words. It was my favorite book, and I gotta say- I liked the movie more than the book. Awesome stuff.

  20. 59,2%… keep it going up Zarra!

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