You’ve Encountered a Wild Patch!

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Well, it’s been over 2 months since I’ve made a post. No real reason, just that there isn’t much to talk about. This is also kinda backed up by the title of the post… I really have no idea what to name it Scratch that, I came up with a name. I was gonna make some kinda post like this when the script translation hit the 50% mark, but I have an hour to kill before I can hand my final paper in for a class, and I just finished the final in the class I’m sitting in now, so this seemed like a good way to spend it.

So, first thing I want to touch on, and the only real thing I can think of to include in this post. Some people have been asking about the few patches that are out in the wild, and if there are more. The ‘newest’ patch that is out in the wild (I don’t know where they are uploaded at to be honest :P, I myself might have copies sitting on some dark corner of my hard drive) is the ‘0.2 Alpha’. But, despite being the ‘newest patch’ it is still incredibly old. (Actually now that I think about it, the newest build of the current patcher is around December of 2008… so there is no real ‘new’ patch in existence.) The point of those original patches was to try and get more people interested and involved in the translation. At the moment, we don’t have any plans for releasing any more patches until the translation is complete. Now, a couple of things will differ from the final patch and the ‘Alpha’ patch, I’ll present them in a nice bulleted list.

  • All of the script translation in the alpha patch have been retranslated.
  • The final patcher will be a program and will allow you to rip and/or compress the output image as well as apply the translation.
  • You won’t need to worry about having the same exact input file as needed with PPF type patches.

Well, I wanted a longer list, but I can’t really think of anything else to add. On a note for the compress and ripping. If you rip everything (movie, voices, sound effects, music), and compress to CSO, the file comes out to about 50 megs. Just a fun little fact. So if you don’t mind not having any or some of those things, you don’t need to worry about having a memory stick larger than 1 gig.

Other than this I don’t know what to say, text is getting translated, some images need some work (but all the major ones are done), there is still some things that need to be hacked, and Soywiz has added some more features to the editor. I might eventually add them to the Web Translator page, but it’s nothing that’s too exciting for someone who isn’t a translator soo~~~.

I take no credit for this image.
I leave you with this.

~ by Zarradeth on April 19, 2010.

25 Responses to “You’ve Encountered a Wild Patch!”

  1. User reads post – It’s super effective!

    I can’t wait for this… You are doing a great service for the English speaking world.

  2. aww

    i thought there was a new patch out, but hey progress is progress, i’d love to offer help with the images but im a total noob at it all (can just about work CS4)

    but thanks for the update, i look forward to hearing more progress

  3. @Chirumiurucirno

    Hmm, maybe that wasn’t the best title name in the end xD.

    But I was being honest when I said the latest patcher build that we have internally is from December of ’08. I honestly don’t think it translates much more than the ‘alpha’ patch does. Also, I think it currently has a quick and dirty fix that stops a crash with some dialog entries- but it’s nothing too noticeable.

    If you are interested in getting better at Photoshop I can give you advice there 😛 I’ve never taken any classes on Photoshop or image editing or anything myself. But, my advice would be:
    1. Play around on your own, try and learn what stuff does and what you can do.
    2. Tutorials, start with and then try stuff like

    My first real experiences with Photoshop was for this translation. Going back to the first images I cleaned, they aren’t as nice as the later ones xD. They don’t look bad per say, I just regret not using layers and saving the PSD and such like I should have. Plus I did more painstaking work by hand, which I now know faster and better ways to do the same things. In the beginning all of my ‘skills’ with Photoshop were from playing around and teaching myself. For the tutorials, You Suck at Photoshop (I’m not trying to make fun of you ;P) is a really good starting point. It covers a lot of the basics and some more advanced stuff, and the videos are fun to watch, so it’s a win-win. With later tutorials, like I linked, they won’t teach you as much as You Suck at Photoshop, but it will teach you tricks and things you probably never would have thought of otherwise- some more advanced stuff. Just pick a tutorial you like (they are all over the internet). And lastly keep playing around. Try making your own stuff- try making wallpapers, avatars, fake images of your friends, etc :P. For example, my last few wallpapers have been of my own creation- here is my current one. Just have fun with it and as you practice you will get better.

  4. now that CS5 is here, it looks like everything will be automatic, though I assume it doesn’t as readily translate to CG like you’re dealing with.

    Some of the new features are really neat.

  5. Oh yeah, I’m excited about CS5 :3

  6. thanks for the update…its nice to know that there is still progress for the english patch…i just hope that you guys don’t decide to abandon the project lol

  7. Where could I download the latest version that is available? (The mediafire link from a forum no longer works) Thanks.

  8. Lemme see if I can find it someplace, as long as you understand that this patch in no way represents what the final patch will be like. Maybe some of the translated images will be the same, but that’s it. And this patch doesn’t have much text translated at all.

    I think that’s it, I had to dig around my hard drive to find it, so I’m not 100% sure if it’s the same exact thing that was in the forums.

    Again, the final patch will have extremely few, if no similarities with this patch.

  9. Congrats to all of yall for making it to the 50% mark

  10. Hm, so considering this started in 2008 we’ll have to wait 2 more year for this game? Or will it be sooner!? T^T At least it’s better than nothing hehe. 4 years huh. Maybe there are people who couldn’t wait and already learnt Japanese well enough to play this game lol.

  11. Well, we haven’t had a good/stable translator for most of that time, the oldest edits that are by Tom are 1 year old. And before this translation we weren’t an established group, nor would I say we are an ‘established group’ now. I don’t know what plans are for after this is complete. This translation was started by two people meeting by chance and having a common interest in IRC when translations came up. Tom has been trying to translate as much as he can when he get’s time, but we all have stuff to do outside this so, sadly, there really isn’t too much more we can do right now to speed things up.

    But, as you can see from the doc in the background, this file also has script names (there are about 640 different script files). And some info about the entry in the script. So I’m not sure how spot on those numbers are, or how much you can really trust them. But it gets the idea across. 😛

  12. WOHOOOO ! 50 % yay ! I hope it’s done soon though.. 🙂 i always check this page when I open my facebook account. 😀 anyways…. GOOD LUCK guys and congratulations !

  13. I’m glad people are excited about hitting the 50% mark. It’s been slow, but steady. The translation will be very good, too. I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. Geez, man… Almost 2000 pages worth of text, though… Ouch.

    There is still quite a bit more to do, but I hope you’ll all stick around. 🙂

  14. Kudos to you and your efforts, Zarra and Tom 🙂

  15. Keep at it Zarra! 🙂

  16. Keep up the good work!

  17. I’ve been following this translations progress for a while, and have gotta say congrats! It’s fantastic that it hasn’t been abandoned and you’re all dedicated (from here at least) so please, keep up the good work!
    Looking forward to the final release!

  18. Same Here

  19. Just posting to tell you that there are people still looking forward towards the final product.
    Thanks for your hard work, too.

  20. Hey looking forward to the full translation, you have our full support.

  21. Work that translator to death I say!!!!! Nah, I don’t really mean that(or do I?!)

    I wonder when is the next wild post? Im waiting all summer baby

  22. We all deeply appreciate all your hard work! IF it has to take a couple or more years I can wait for this patch

    Thank you so much for your works, keep up the good work and we are deeply appreciative.

  23. Hi. I just downloaded your patch and it seems to be working just great until now! I really appreciate the work you and your team are doing out of free will, and I wish I could help but I’m not keen at any of hacking/PS/japanese. Sorry. I will report grammar errors (if I ever find any), though. Thank you for this awesome patch.

  24. Alright! The % went up again!

  25. Yup, yup… Slowly it goes up bit by bit!! ^_^

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