Where in the World…

Incoming a lot of offtopic, but since it’s my topic I can’t be offtopic 😛

Well, some of you guys may be wondering what has been going on lately- things seem to have quieted down…
Well, people have been busy :P. I went to that summer camp thing, and was much busier there than I (and other people to be honest) expected (but it was fun). I got home, then a couple days later moved to Arizona (from Michigan). So that was lots of fun, had to ship my computer via UPS– that wasn’t the nicest bill to pay :P. ‘Specially when you computer weighs 57 lbs (62 lbs with the box).

But, I’ve gotten to Arizona, everything is settled, for the most part. I’ve started classes out here (the reason I moved, actually I wrote 90% of this post in a class :P) so that is taking away free time :P. I’m also still looking for a job. But this is nothing for you guys to worry about :P.

Now, as for the percent up there in the corner, that hasn’t been moving much. There are two reasons for that- one more important than the other.
1) The guy who has been doing most of the translation work is in Japan right now, and his internet connection is shaky.
2) The server that the web translator is on has been acting odd too- it hasn’t been updating the percentage complete (not in the web translator either).

Now, point 2 might be fixed by now, we had the problem before and Soywiz thought he fixed it, but it’s happening again so I dunno if that image is showing the correct percentage or not.

All that stuff aside… I dunno what else to say, once I get settled into my classes I should get some more time (I would be by now but I just found out yesterday that my schedule wasn’t what I thought it was, that was loads of fun :P). And a job, that’s starting to get close to being a requirement at this point ;).

So basically all in all, things are moving (literally and in the meaning of the translation) some…. you just probably aren’t/haven’t been seeing it. And things are a little crazy right now with everyone being busy (oh yeah, Soywiz is gonna be going to be in Japan for about a month on vacation :P).

And yes, I know this is taking a long time– please bear with me 🙂
I want this done too, but this game has a lot of text and we aren’t really an established team– soooooo, were trying our best 🙂

Oh yeah, I guess I feel like using a lot of smiley faces and parentheses today, just roll with it.
And I leave you with this

…and this…

…and this… (purely for the Haruhi clip :P) (also, I’m not responsible for any anime spoilers in this video, you shouldn’t have watched it if it spoiled an anime for you)

^^ Oh how true, how true.

…this post looks like a big mess….. (*presses publish button anyways*)

~ by Zarradeth on September 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “Where in the World…”

  1. wow, glad you had fun at the camp

    was worried that something had happened

  2. Yay your alive =P Anyway good look in your new home and job huntin

  3. Quick question, is the english patch for the haruhi game complete?

    Or are there parts that still need translating?

  4. No, it’s still being worked on.

    The image in the top right (if you are looking at the normal front page) is suppose to show an up to date percentage of the progress. But it has been buggy lately, so I’m not sure if it is accurate right now.

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