The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Offtopic

Well, I’m going to put all of those things into this post, but not in that exact order. And yes, this is a legitimate update, it has been a while. Not having an update in a long time doesn’t mean things haven’t been happening– because stuff has, so don’t worry about that. And now I’ll get to the stuff you want to be hearing, and I’m going to make this stuff fit into my title, so you’ll have to read it all before it all ties together and most of your questions should be answered.

The Bad
Well, the bad thing is that I’m going to be leaving for a summer camp soon and will be there about a month. I will be a counselor (like watching kids, not dealing with emotion problems) there, but I have been going since I was six years old. (For those of you curious, it’s a camp for hemophiliacs, and I fit that category– I have severe A and I take Xyntha for it). This is bad– for you guys- because obviously it’s a summer camp in the middle of nowhere, right? Well, it is, to answer my own question.

The Good
And with a quick follow up to that. For one good thing, the translators won’t be going with me, so they’ll be available. Also, I will have internet access, but more on that later. Also, since I will be running computers there (making sure they work, helping people, etc.), I will have my own computer with me. So basically, when I have time and some quiet I can fire up some music and work on image editing on the translation. I promise you I will work on those while I’m there. 😀 Also, if you didn’t know yet, there is a progress image on the left there if you haven’t noticed it yet. That image is generated by the site that holds the translation, so it is always up-to-date.

The Ugly
Alright guys, get ready for this one…. I will have internet, but I will truly be in close to the middle of nowhere. So what does that leave us with….? A slow dial up connection (I’ll run a speed test for you guys when I get things setup and arrive there for fun :P), shared across at least 8 computers. So that’s probably about a decent 3 kb/s speed for each computer when they are being used. And when they aren’t all used… I wouldn’t count on anything more than, like, 10 kb/s. Yeah, that is pretty ugly. But I will probably be able to still answer comments and the such, it’ll just take a long time. 😛

The Offtopic
Well, here I’m going to say that I will hopefully be getting a Pandora in about a month or two. 😛 I already have it ordered, so I know I will get it, but it’s a matter of time. For those of you who know what it is and thinks it won’t happen, you are idiots, but I don’t really need to get into details on why. If you really wanna question why, I’ll give you more than enough reasons why. And for those of you curious, this will replace my PSP, that was my plan for it. That doesn’t mean I will lose interest in this translation though. At this point I could probably do the translation without a PSP anyways. But I think all the work I put into saving my PSP after spilling water on it (look at the last entries comments :P), should speak for itself.

And on a side note, I hate how those smilies ruin the flow of the text, it looks like it puts line breaks in there. Ohh well, enjoy guys.

EDIT: Oh yeah, probably should have said this for all the people who didn’t look at the comments on the last article, the last two videos were april fools jokes (but they are real, both the Chrono Trigger and Rickroll and the dubbed voices was actually running on the PSP xD). Neither of those are really planned for release, and if they do get releases… they aren’t serious. So yes, the release will have Japanese audio and no, there won’t be a dubbed version. (The fake dubbed version is very “hacky” and prone to crashing anyways.)

EDIT EDIT: I lied, seems that the campground got wireless. Here is the promised speed test, at much better speeds than expected

Speed Test

~ by Zarradeth on June 30, 2009.

30 Responses to “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Offtopic”

  1. That’s cool. Hope you have a good time!

  2. Take care on your summer trip. Even if this translation takes 4 years or more I will still be waiting for this. I have been a lurker around here for a while and I would just really like to express my gratitude and happiness to what you and your team are working on. Really thank you very much for all your hard work.

  3. well, the translation won’t take 4 years, I’m pretty confident on that :P.

    But I will put time into the translation while I’m there, I have a month there– and there is actually a lot of times when you can get silent (seriously, we are in the middle of the woods, I’m talking dead silent here) time to yourself where you can think or relax. Some of that time may even be while I’m working on the translation :P. I still have some images to do, and there is a bit of odd work that needs to be done on the boot.bin files still, which I can work on a bit.

    And thanks to everyone who has been thanking us and encouraging our work, ’cause you guys all rock 😀

  4. have fun at the trip. try not to let anything happen to your laptop 😛
    good luck with the camp XD

    oh btw, doesn’t the translator have access to this site at all?
    maybe you can get him to update for you or something

  5. Actually… I’m bringing a desktop computer, I don’t have a laptop. And my computer is hugeeee, so it’ll be a bit of a pain xD. I love lan parties and the such, so I’m use to carrying it anyways, but it’s still a pain. Here’s the case I have–
    it’s 37 lbs, without anything in it :P.

    but that aside xD, the translator doesn’t have access to the site, I could set it up so he does, but I don’t know if he wants it in the first place :P. And like I’ve said I’ll be able to use internet there, it just takes longer. And I have a bit of an unfair advantage since I have my own computer :P.

  6. Have fun at the camp!

  7. how do you plan on bringing your desktop? O_O
    seems like a total pain =X

  8. Awesome updates dude… hopefully your PSP won’t have secondary effects of the water that got into it.
    Have fun on your camp and act responsably! 😉 😀
    That Pandora looks awesome… first time I’ve seen it… really cool!!
    Last but not least the Haruhi showing the curent % of the project is AWESOME!!! Really let’s us now in real time how much you guys have progressed! Keep it up, it’s turning out to become a really cool, feature-filled project. THUMBS UP!!

  9. Have a good time at camp! Good to see the project is still being updated, and has not disappeared out of existence. However long the whole thing takes is fine, because the end result looks to be really good!
    Oh when your new Pandora comes, could you possibly do a mini-review or something in your next update? ‘Im considering getting one myself.
    Thanks for all your hard work so far!

  10. Yes, lugging around my desktop is a huge pain xD, but I’ve gotten use to it. Me and my friends do LAN parties and the such, plus I’ll usually take it with me places if I’m going away from home for a long time– but that depends on where I’m staying xD.

    And thanks everyone for telling me to enjoy myself at my camp, I’m sure I will 😛 I really like going there. And I promise as soon as I get the internet hooked up I will get you all a speed test, then you can all laugh xD. I plan on using speed tests anyways to find out which number gives me the fastest speed. Every kilobyte counts when you are using the one connection on 8 computers :P.

    I can definitely do a full review on the Pandora when I get it. But I’m probably going to be getting it a bit later once the first ones ship. My order is probably around 3800/4000 :P. But I’ve had friends ask me to give my impressions because they are also interested, so if I can get my hands on a decent camera, I will give you guys a full review– and I won’t make it all “official”, I’ll give you my straight up opinion. To be honest the first time I saw one (probably like a year ago, here was the video I saw ), I thought it looked like it was made in someone’s garage and wasn’t going to be anything special. Then the time came around when I figured– either get a PSP2 and wait for it to be hacked (this was before the PSP Go was announced, and I honestly don’t like that thing one bit), or get an open source console. so I researched the upcoming Wiz, and was very interested, but was on the fence. Then I remembered the Pandora, looked it up again, and pretty much fell in love :P. After a lot of research I decided to get one, was lucky enough to be able to get a preorder, and now I’ve been waiting ever since :P. If you guys have an questions about it, you can ask me :P, like I said– I’ve done a lot of research, I always try to do a lot before I made big purchases.

    For the record the video that sold me on it (after watching a lot of videos :P) was this one It really hit home the fact that it is a small computer, not just a gaming handheld. You can’t play music in the background of a PSX game on the PSP, no plugins work, since the PSX uses a special sound setup for PSX games. And even when you aren’t playing PSX games, you still gotta jump through a couple of hoops to get your own music in the background. If you guys wanna see more videos on it, check these accounts– they belong to the 3 main people working on developing the Pandora:

    Sorry this comment is so damn long, I tend to rant when it’s about stuff like this. xD

  11. Hey, i love what you’re doing to the translation, but can you please release a version without those autotuned voices? With the original Japanese audio please? I know its asking alot but it’d appreciate it and Im sure it’d please another small group of japanese fans other than me. 😀

  12. @ipay

    Updated the post, sorry about the confusion 😛

    And on that note, I prefer everything, games, anime, etc. subbed with original Japanese audio if it was originally meant to be that way. I try to avoid dubs at almost all cost 😛

  13. Hey i’ve just caught wind of this project like today and i would love to help out with the translation.I can’t do Jap > Eng but i can definitely do Chinese > English so if you still need any help with regards to that you can just drop me an email 😀

  14. @JokEraI
    I’ll probably send you can email soon, I’ve been really busy today, getting stuff ready for me to leave. I have to take care of some stuff tomorrow morning and will probably be on the road by about 9 o’clock. Then I have about a 2 1/2 hour drive head of me.

    Also, for everyone who celebrates it, Happy 4th of July, hope you didn’t blow your hands off xD.

  15. As promised there is the speed test, along with some good news (for me at least :P)

  16. I think its time to be honest here. I’ve been a long time lurker, and this is taking forever. Is there no other way this can speed up? 😛 I mean come on, work faster, or stop working entirely!

  17. And I completely agree with you, if I could have helped this translation get out months ago, I would have. But there isn’t anything I can do. All but one of the translators that have offered to help and were given accounts to translate have stopped helping. The guy we have now is a really good translator, he has a good bit of experience under his belt. The translation that he is doing is really good quality, and when he has time to work- he does get a good chunk done. But there isn’t anything I can do. This (as you probably know) started out when two people who didn’t have much experience and couldn’t translate met by chance waiting around in Dark-Alex’s IRC channel. If we were a legitimate group, had dedicated people, and had actual plans when we went into this– it would have gotten done faster. I think we have come a really really long way. Plus, this game does have a huge amount of text, but that probably sounds more like an excuse.

    And I hope that last sentence wasn’t serious :'(. Though no matter, I think I’ll keep working. (And I hope you weren’t trying to troll :P)

  18. These kind of projects usually take a year or 2 to get completed, so I think you guys are doing a good job, before it hadn’t really started when it was just you 2 guys but now you really have things going good!

  19. I remember back when this game was just released, and I was looking around for translations 😛 I even saw the original posts, and the birth of this project.

    Good work, and good luck!

  20. Good to see a long time lurker :P, I do think we really have come a long way. Kinda cool when I think back about it myself.

    I plan on working on images probably starting next week, it all depends on how my schedule works then. Right now things are a bit hectic because things are still getting setup. Once I get a “normal” routine, I’ll find time for shopping images. I might make a smaller update with images after I do some. It depends on if they are interesting to look at outside the game or not :P.

  21. I found this blog when I was searching for a translation of the game a month ago and since then read all of your previous posts and seen how far you have come. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you sticking with the project despite all its up and downs in the past months, when most people would have given up early on. You guys are trying the best you can, so don’t listen to people like Tsakabi. wI just wanted to say how much I appreciate you sticking with the project through all its up and downs in the past months. We all REALLY appreciate what you guys are doing, so don’t get discouraged by one impatient angry person. Thank you again and keep up the great work!

  22. Ugh… bad grammar and repetitive sentences… I guess I need my sleep now xD

  23. NEWSFLASH: My PSP finally decided it’s time to work again! I fixed it fully, now the recharge works flawlessly and all works fine. Phew… I nailed the problem and fixed it myself ^^! YEY!!

  24. Hey man I really appreciate what you’ve been doing so far. I can’t wait until it’s finished.

  25. Hey .. are there anything that we could help? Cause it looks like your busy with stuff i though i could give you some help, since alot of people are anticipating the release :/ .


  26. Are the most updated patches available anywhere? I have a feeling that despite the progression of the translation, the most updated ones are not available for download yet. If that is the case, do you think updated patches should be released?

  27. I had noticed that there is a chinese source to work with. I can translate chinese to english.

  28. I’ll be willing to help with Jap to Eng translations. I may not be fluent in Japanese, but Iam good enough to translate it.

  29. Is this still alive? i dont mean to sound like im trolling but the update bar hasnt moved for a while and their hasnt been anyupdates

  30. Alright guys, today has been turned into an official “get shit done” day,
    and posting a new entry is on the list. So basically, I’m gonna post an update later.

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