The Coming Dawn

Sweet, got embeds working for Vimeo (there was a tag, I just never knew about it). Click the Vimeo button on the bottom right of the embedded videos to be taken to their page, from there you can watch the video from a player that is a bit larger, or you can watch them here if you don’t care. By the way, the first video has one example of “offensive” language, so wear headphones or don’t watch it, whatever you wanna do.

All that stuff aside, the script completion percent is at 15.39%, and steadily climbing!

Thanks and Enjoy!

~ by Zarradeth on April 1, 2009.

40 Responses to “The Coming Dawn”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHA at that microsoft voice XD, nice job on that. What is the intro music called? I recognize it from somewhere.

  2. You have a psp game that does that when you play it???? Share!!!

  3. The first song is called “Unchained Melody (Techno Remix)” and is by DJ Mystik. The other song is called “In My Dream” and it’s off the DJ Max Black Square OST. Here is a download for both the songs.

  4. i hate that voice!!!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Which one, all of them?
    Well, we have more to choose from, I could always use:
    US Mel, US Julia, US Ray, US Rich, US Claire, US Paul, US Kate, UK Charles, UK Audrey, French Alain, French Juliette, German Reiner, German Klara, Spanish Alberto, or Spanish Rosa.

    There are so many choices!


  6. Yeah, if you guys didn’t guess, both of those were April Fools jokes πŸ˜›
    We aren’t doing a dub, but I could always release the stuff to use that when the patch is done (it’s not a normal ips, the files get applied when the patcher does its work). I only did work dubbing the scenes you saw, plus the game is prone to crashing when you use the dub. In order to make the files work I had to steal the header off the .dat voice files in the game. Since they aren’t just sound files, I know they have, at least, the lip sync data as well in them. Hence why the mouths are so out of sync with what is being said. xD

    Also, obviously the Chrono Trigger project is fake, but again, it really is running on a PSP. And aside from where I purposely made the game crash, it doesn’t crash at all. πŸ˜›

    I at least could give you guys the rickroll video, it’s a pmf. Pmfs are the PSP’s native video format, and there is a good chance that you have a PSP game that uses it. It wouldn’t be hard to insert the video into an ISO for the PSP and relink one of the game’s pmfs to it, hence giving you a PSP game with a rickroll. πŸ˜›

    That aside I should probably do an update soon, a real one. There isn’t much to say though, the translation is moving at a good pace for the time being. I have images to edit, and translations for all of them. I guess I could post up some of those images. The current percent for the script is 15.69%.

    Thanks guys πŸ˜›

  7. A psp game with rick roll in it would be the best thing ever xD.

  8. Awesome Zarradeth!! Please do make more often updates next time… :p I was really curious about where you got. ^^ LOL @ that April fool’s prank, I was like: “WHAT THE HE…?!10neELEVEN234 o_O” when I heard those Microsoft voices dubbing Haruhi and Kyon. >_< xD Anyhow work on!! ❀

  9. OH, just finished watching the 2nd video… THANKS FOR THE BILLIONTH RICK ROLL I GOT! xD >:D

  10. Thanks a lot, nice Aprif fool jokes ^^

    Good luck for the translation,

    Zarradeth, you roxxx like the rock =P

  11. Is it possible to keep the japanese audio with the new subs? The subs look good though!

  12. oh wow nice one i was seriously lawling at those ms voices thank god it was joke

  13. @Vaiol123,
    it was an April Fools Joke, but those voices really are in-game xD. Basically put, there won’t be an english dub, only english subs.

    That aside, I hate to say it, but the translation has sorta slowed down again. We’ve been throwing the idea around of turning it into an open wiki sorta deal, but still aren’t sure what we are going to do. I still have to get in touch with some people before we start deciding more on that.

    Thanks for being patient guys :P,

    EDIT: I take back the part about slowing down and the wiki idea, at least for now πŸ˜›

  14. Alright and thanks! I read the comments immediately after and now I feel stupid πŸ˜›

    BTW, I hope everything goes well with the translation! I am really looking forward to it!

  15. You shouldn’t feel stupid πŸ˜›

    That aside, the translation is at 17.02%, script wise.

  16. will you make a version when its finnished that has Jap V/O and english subs? so its like watching the subbed anime?

  17. just wondering….. but this project is still going on right? XD
    updates stopped coming, so I’ve just been pretty curious

    btw, you guys realise that Haruhi Season 2 is out right?

  18. The version when it’s finished will have Japanese voices and English subs.

    Also, the project is still going. I’ve just been EXTREMELY busy lately, but I expect things to slow down a lot after today actually. I’ve just had way to much stuff to do lately.

    And yes, we know season 2 is starting to air, I’ve got it but haven’t watched the first episode of it yet πŸ˜› (or episode 8, whatever you want to do by (and yes, that’s how busy I’ve been haven’t even watched that yet πŸ˜› ))

  19. oh that’s tough…. hope things go well for you

  20. huh???? Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * Media Sexism
    * snow is fun.
    * Geek Out Moment of the Day
    * Rado Ceramica Jubile Diamond Baguettes Watch

    This is weird <.<, you earn money onc ommercials or something? lol, if you do I might click them.

  21. Thanks Chivi, I’ve gotten most things taken care of now, just a few things I gotta deal with.

    Also, I don’t get money from the related posts xD. But I did find how to turn them off, but if I turn them off, mine won’t show up on other people’s “related posts”– ohh well :P. I like having that turned off anyways.

    “Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way”

  22. They didn’t seam very related tough… Media sexism and Rado Ceramica Jubile Diamond Baguettes Watch… What is a baguettes watch ><

  23. Yeah…. that’s what I thought, which is why I didn’t mind removing them so much xD

  24. Just about where are you on it now, percent-wise?

  25. Thank you πŸ˜€

  26. No Problem– but I do have a problem… I spilt water on my PSP– I’m in the process of trying to get it working perfectly again. It has been acting very weird.

    (and for the record, I waited at least 12 hours after the water spilt and I pulled the battery out before I attempted powering it up and fixing it)

    Here’s a couple of quotes describing the problems, and the fixing process: (these are in chronological order)
    “Wifi and Memory Stick access lights are always on– very very dimly”
    “the daughter board (I hope/think it’s a daughter board– then I can swap it) for the dpad is f*cked”
    “sometimes the orange charge light comes on” (when it isnt plugged in)
    “now my psp has a YELLOW power light (atm, im guessing that’s both green and orange– hope the battery doesnt explode or anything…….)”
    “my wifi light is on alll the way now”
    “after powering off, the power light went orange, the green wifi light flickered off (like the power light when you power down) and now all the lights are off”
    “…oh sh*t. I think that’s condensation forming on the inside of the psp– i thought it would be dry by now ~~”
    “yeah, sh*t there was still water”
    “wow, faceplate off, the lights come on with the battery in– even if the power isnt on… :|”
    “holy f*ck, the whole motherboard is pretty wet :SSSSS”
    “I got some water off”
    “dpad is still f*cked– lights arent though”
    “dpad movement with no dpad connected”
    “aka– f*cked motherboard”
    “im not giving up yet :S”
    “it charges correctly, power led and all”
    “it seems to just be the dpad at this point”
    “only one screw left on the mobo, gonna try taking that out and see what the underside looks like”
    “everything on the underside seems dry”
    “until I can test wifi, the only thing f*cked up is the dpad, and its f*cked up at the mobo level, one way or another”
    “memstick and such leds work perfectly now”
    “it is officially very hard to play djmax without a faceplate and just the rubber pads and it seems the left dpad button is being read as ALWAYS pressed”
    “time to attempt to f*ck up the ribbon cable connector until it works…”
    “it no longer presses to the left all the time….”
    “now lets try playing djmaxx with working keys and no faceplate πŸ˜› and, for the record, now that I can feel the motherboard while the PSP is running, it gets fairly warm”
    “100% good cept for the analog, still a little screwy, but I get the feeling that cleaning that and messing with my screws and how tight they are will solve it”
    “aka, no acutal damage, just the psp analog being the piece of sh*t it is :P”
    “damn it”
    “I punched it an now it goes to the left on the dpad again xD” (trying to fix the analog, yes– that’s how I usually fix it– beat it against my hand)
    “I have to take the whole f*cking metal bracket off again to fix this”
    “ohh f*ck me, I’ll fix it later”

    –*later, after work*–

    “It still has the dpad messed up, time to disassemble and attempt to fix it again”
    “aight, dpad aint messed up anymore”
    “And I’ve found that putting a flathead into the ribbon cable connector and prying it up fixes it”
    “i now get the feeling that the water screwed up the power plug connector a bit as well… :S”
    “power works after playing with the power plug thingy”
    “sweet– cleaned it and put it back together, and it’s working like it should xDDDD”

    That’s a rather condensed version of the play-by-play I did xD

    And after a stress test (aka DJ Max) it is working perfectly.
    Oh and on a Haruhi related note-
    Image for you?

    You should thank Soywiz πŸ˜›

  27. Added that image to the front page– if you didn’t notice that is….

  28. Thank God it happend! 20.3%!

  29. Tom is the one working hard. He is great!

  30. Yes, you should all thank Tom as well, he is doing most of the translation.
    Good point xD

  31. man you’re amazing
    I can never open any of my consoles like that
    specially over and over again.
    if I spilled water on my psp, I would pay someone to fix it

  32. Hey Zarradeth you are awesome doing dat. Btw are you still in need of translator from spanish-english? But nways keep up the good work I’m really looking forward to a great patch πŸ™‚

  33. @Chivi

    The main reason I ever started opening consoles was to clean the laser lens (for both the PS2 and less occasionally the Xbox1). I would get those annoying disc read errors, maybe about once a month, and would have to open it up to clean the lens.

    The first time I ever opened a system, yes, I was extremely nervous, but I wasn’t going to send my PS2 in to get serviced so they can clean the laser lens for me. All you gotta remember is if you put it back the way you took it apart, they is a 99.9% chance it will still work perfectly.

    I probably got more “relaxed” about opening up consoles due to the fact that I’ve built my own computer. Also, I’ve chipped my Xbox1, which means almost complete disassembly of it. The first time I opened it up, I was nervous– but now I don’t really think about it anymore. I’ve even done a “demonstrative speech” for a class where I demonstrated how to open the Xbox, install the mod-chip, make sure it works, and reassemble it in front of maybe about 30 people. (It caught the interest of a lot more people than I expected.)

    Pretty much for me, it comes down to the age of the device, or the reason I’m opening it. I would never take my Wii apart. But I have disassembled my Treamcast ( (mostly for fun, sorta to fix something), my PS2 (completely disassembled for fun), my Xbox (to chip it), and I’ve opened various PSPs to fix them, ranging from Wifi issues, analog issues, to busted LCDs. This wasn’t my first time disassembling the PSP. Plus, I thought the PSP was done for, I had already found a new motherboard for it on Ebay– I’m rather suprised I got it working.

    Pretty much, it comes down to the age of the device, how relaxed you are/experienced with opening electronical devices, how worried you are about making the device work again, and if you are confident you can put it back together the way it was (I sometimes draw diagrams as I disassemble so I don’t screw it up).

    I love opening stuff up and seeing the insides and how it works, so that’s probably half the reason I do any of this stuff xD

    Sorry, we don’t really need any Spanish-English translators. Almost all of the members of the Tales-Translations team can do that themselves. I hate to shoot you down, but we really don’t need any translators in particular right now (for the Spanish, and English side of things). Thanks for the offer though.

  34. Okay I gotcha. Another question tho… Is this the only PSP project you guys are going to work with or is this the start of other projects to be worked on cuz I think there are a lot of games in Japan that deserve some kind of show here in the US and you guys are making it possible for the Haruhi game so I was just wandering if there is hope or not??

  35. Welllll–

    I dunno, I didn’t really have any plans to do anything after this myself. Tom, who is translating most of this game, is going to translate “Tengai Makyou IV” with the help of Soywiz. I don’t think I’d be against doing anything, but there really ins’t too much of a “team” here and I only picked this up in an IRC channel while talking about game translations.
    Check that out to see how it started, that was from Babazoz himself, the one who had originally started this πŸ˜›

  36. Wow that was interesting. I didn’t know that such an effort would go thru such hardships. This really got me all exited lol but its mostly because of how it talks about you and Babazoz hacking the game. I’m going into computer science and this sorta thing excites me… but not in THAT way :p Well if you got a lot of people already working on such a game wouldn’t they be willing to team up and create your own fan translating team. I mean I’m already thinking of getting some College classes in Japanese, but there are a lot of people out there that would enjoy to play these games in their own language(English) and I think that work like this is amazing. I was going thru the Tales spanish website and I saw that they had a PSP patch for Tales of Eternia, so wouldn’t they be willing to team up wit you and form a well organized group who would work on this in their free time. I guess i’m hopping for too much :0 but if I may ask what kind of tools did you use to hack the game I’ve been trying to figure this out but still no avail. I tried using the files from Tales translations but I couldn’t quite get some of the stuff they had used.

  37. Hey Zarradeth, sometime in the near future (maybe after you have finished this translation job), could you maybe teach me some of the need-to-knows when it comes to translation work (the coding side that is) (I don’t know any other language yet either T_T). However, I am ambitious and motivated by my constant annoyance at the amount of good games that don’t get their fair US and (in my case) UK releases. Also, maybe if you know the languages if you could direct me to where you learnt it if ya did.

    Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon ^_^.

    BTW, if ya comment here about if ya will, then I’ll give you my e-mail for MSN or just e-mail ^_^.

  38. Just wondering what is the current progress with the translation?

    21% was your last update, so what is it now? πŸ˜€

  39. Sorry guys, I’ve had limited internet access here lately, I’m away from home. But I’m not completely away from the internet πŸ˜›

    As for what I’ve used personally to hack the game, it’s been UMDGen to disassemble the game (but it can’t reassemble it- SHNY has to many files, it crashes UMDGen, we used Apache to insert files over the old ones to test them, the problem with this is they have to be the same size). Now for patching and new files I use an unfinished version of what will be the official patcher that Soywiz has made. It assembles the game’s image itself while applying all the patches. As for image editing, we originally had to dig around the internet and got some tools that converted from gim -> bmp, and then a bmp -> gim converter that is in the PS3 theme creator from Sony (I think that’s where it came from). But these didn’t preserve alpha channels (HUGE pain in the ass– always had to redo the alpha channels ourselves). Now I use another tool made by Soywiz that converts gim -> png, and preserves the alpha channel (but I still use the same png -> gim converter from Sony’s tools :P). The only other tool has been a hex editor :P~~ well, CWCheat (a plugin for the PSP) as well, since it allows us to do memory dumps of the PSP and poke around in memory while the game is running. Everything had pretty much been poking around the games files with a hex editor and a lot of experimenting.

    Honestly, this is my first time doing anything like this, and Soywiz is pretty much the one who knows what he is doing when it comes to the hacking. I’ve figured out a bit about how the game runs and how to edit the game’s pointers (which he would have gotten anyways πŸ˜› He’s really good with this stuff), but honestly he gets most of the credit. That said– I can’t really help anyone learn how to do this kind of stuff, since I’m not very skilled at it myself. I do want to learn how to do it more πŸ˜› And I promise you I will xD I love doing stuff like this :P. It may just take some time. And along with Haven, I’m going to be going into Computer Science stuff too πŸ˜› So I was gonna wait until I got started with that stuff a bit first :P.

    As for the progression, the image on the homepage is always up-to-date, it gets the percentage from the site that we have the web translator on :P.

    Edit: It seems I feel like using smiley faces today… πŸ˜›

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