A Challenger Appears!

Aight, maybe somebody out there can get this. I’m close but I’m not too well versed with my fonts. πŸ˜›

Hopefully someone can pick out this font. What we have here is the translations for the titles for the “Extras” and stuff. As I’m going to show you in the following images, you can see that my font doesn’t match perfectly. If someone can get a better match or knows what font is used in the original images, it would be greatly appreciated. Or, if enough people think I should, I could also just redo the titles that were already in English with my font styling.

Here is the first image:
Originals vs. New Styles

I know, my gradient is awesome, you don’t have to tell me. (It was originally transparent and I though that might be a little nicer on the eyes than pure white).

Here’s the next, I’ll explain them later:
Comparisons 2

This is the original font style that I want to try to copy… with a gradient… I’ll have the images straight outta the gim -> png converter below if you want to use them:
Match This Style

Originals (click for full size):

Sweet! A bunch of unexciting images! With freakin’ amazing gradients!!!!!
Yeah, I know πŸ˜›

Aight, now for the serious part.
The first image is comparing the untranslated titles for the “Extras” menus areas and my translated titles. As you can see in the images above, they don’t match the styling of the titles that were already in English, and I wanna match them :P. I thought maybe someone out there could get the font right ’cause that’s pretty much all I have wrong with it.

Here’s how to recreate the styling (in Photoshop CS3, cause that’s what I used):
Font: Arial
Size: 18px
Height: 90%
Style: Black
Smoothing: Sharp
Color: Black

Now take that and add a 2px white stroke to it via the Blending Options. Then convert that to a smart object and add another 2px black stroke.

It should look something like this:

If you want to make the style I used for the “SOS Extra” titles, do the same exactly thing, but keep the height at 100% and the font size should be 24px.

Now that you can recreate what I’ve done, you should try and do better than what I have (which shouldn’t be much more than just finding the right font :P). As you can see from the second image, my font style almost perfectly overlaps the original “SO” from the Japanese titles (not a hard feat), but the font doesn’t match that of the other titles and I want it to xD. It will look better and more professional. That’s why I’m asking for your help. Or your opinion, if nobody can pick out the right font I can always just redo the already English titles with my own styled fonts.

Andddd…. that’s pretty much it. But, before you ask, I don’t think I have any sort of reward for this sooo, don’t get your hopes up on anything special xD. This way nobody will be upset if they know the font but don’t get anything πŸ˜›

Oh yeah, an I’ll also have to redo the help menu’s title to match this styling because I didn’t realize until I started working on these that the “Controls” titles should also have the same styling :/ Though that will only take a couple seconds to fix.

Hoping the internet knows its fonts! xD,

~ by Zarradeth on January 28, 2009.

40 Responses to “A Challenger Appears!”

  1. From my adventures with http://www.identifont.com

    The closest ones I’ve found are ones of the Gothic Family (some of them are sorta close…) and Divulge, but again it doesn’t match…

    http://www.identifont.com/find?font=Globe+Gothic (The Globe Gothic font)

    One of the most identifying things about the font is the tail on the Q. Maybe this isn’t a very freely available font. Well, this is why I’m asking for all your opinions. πŸ˜›

  2. thanks for working hard XD

  3. Both fonts are not bad. Well, i’ll be enjoying your translation anyway, even if it is all in Monotype Corsiva : D

  4. The fonts on the left are the originals that I’m trying to match, but have had no luck finding the font they used.
    http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ didn’t help much either. :/

    But I could redo it all in Monotype Corsiva πŸ˜›

  5. I think there is no point trying to find this font. Just pick the one you like
    : D

  6. I agree, who cares if its a 100% match, we just want the translation!

  7. Too bad I suck with font work and computers =/, as always, keep up the good work.

  8. It looks pretty fine to me already ^^. If you didn’t stress the differences, I wouldn’t have noticed unless I looked carefully ^^;.
    Is there a need for the fonts to be exactly the same gameplay-wise? Like you can’t get rid of the original text so you have to overlap them. Or is it personal preferences? Just curious :).

    Oh last question, is there a place to see the general progress of the game other than the news? Like “Translation : X %” or “Editing Y %. I couldn’t find anything on the website but then I am not really used to blogs and the likes ^^;.

  9. Exactly, besides, the font you used in the comparison pictures are pretty decent. I don’t really care if they are exactly the same, they look really nice. I say you keep those even if you cannot find the original font.

  10. Aight, πŸ˜›
    Looks like I’m just gonna be going with what I have xD
    I might redo the titles that are already English so it matches,
    We’ll see πŸ˜›

  11. Here’s a quick video that I made. I didn’t even edit it πŸ˜›
    I did the music by playing it in Winamp while I recorded.

    I probably won’t change any of the fonts, etc. in that. Not sure yet, either way here’s a link:


    Enjoy πŸ˜›

  12. I like either one you guys’ll choose! I’m just happy that the Project is moving on faster than I’ve expected! πŸ˜€ Keep at it Zarradeth! Also the video looks sick! xD Awesome work! \m/

  13. Good to see a translation project actually getting finished! Plus it’s nice to see you guys put quality into it. Can’t wait to see the results!

  14. You say “finally all done” in the video description, by that you mean the project is almost finished? Oo
    That would be awesome, but I fear to get my hopes up ^^;.

    Otherwise it looks pretty good to me :). What doesn’t seem right to you? From my point of view it looks really good, but maybe that’s because I didn’t have the japanese version in front of my eyes.

  15. Oh nononono, sorry about that.
    I meant the main menu, I figure that that shoulda been done a long time ago, but maybe that’s just my personal expectations.

    Edited the description, hope that didn’t throw to many people off x|

  16. Weird, I’m not sure it was pointed out before but I think the forum doesn’t take into account the time differences for each post and it’s using the time of the poster’s computer rather than the GMT one ^^;,

    For example, let’s say it’s 6pm here and if someone post one hour after me (thus 7pm for me) but with the timezone it’s 4pm in his country. His post will be listed as posted before me rather than after.

    I keep getting mails saying someone posted after me. But they are all listed as posted before me ^^;. Well nothing important, but it might mess up conversations from time to time. Like an answer listed before a question etc.

  17. It might have to do with the order in which I approve them. I know the posts should all be based off UTC-5. Usually when I get multiple comments they will stack in one email so I will approve the latest one made first (since it’s the top email), and then once the comments page has loaded after approving that one, I will “bulk” approve the rest of them all at the same time.

  18. Ohh I see that explains why. Since no one can answer to an un-approved post (because it shouldn’t visible) it’s not a problem then :).

  19. I could answer to an un-approved post πŸ˜‰

  20. We now have another English translator, his name is Tom πŸ˜›
    He has been translating the images into english so that I can edit them and now we have a nice, english, options menu. πŸ™‚

    Also, all the images for the game are pretty much translated now (thanks to Tom), they just need to be edited.

    And just because I’m starting to feel like they aren’t getting enough credit, we should thank ALL the translators that are working on this project πŸ˜€

    They are doing more work than I am πŸ˜›

  21. Wow *facepalm*

    I blew it…
    Let’s play spot the problem, I didn’t notice it until I though I was completely finished and happy with the image. 😦

    At least it will only take a couple minutes to fix. πŸ˜›

  22. That’s a hard spot the problem, is “Clear it 5 times to” the wrong part?

  23. Yeah, it was xD

    Here’s a fixed version πŸ˜›

  24. Hey there, Zarradeth. Was just wondering how far the translation is coming along. Is the latest patch still ALPHA PATCH 0.2? There was a lot of texts that wasn’t translated yet and wondered if I had to apply the 0.1 patch first before applying the 0.2 patch. Anyway, hope you guys could continue translating this and get it done. Until then I’ll probably avoid playing this game until the patch is done….. =P

  25. The translation of the script is at exactly 11.19%, and is moving along nicely. At this point I’m going to stress how much text is in this game, so while it may not sound like much progress, it’s a good amount :P. The Alpha .2 patch was the last one released. And it has all the stuff the .1 patch had. Those were really only released so that we could try and attract translators (most of it was done with a mixture of Atlas, Google Translate, and Babel Fish mind you πŸ˜› ). But that aside, there really wasn’t much done in those patches. Tales-Translations doesn’t like releasing unfinished patches, and I agree with their point of view on that. So, sadly, there won’t be any more patches released before the finished translation.

  26. Well at least you guys have not given up hope on this yet. I’m sure the translation will be completed someday (2010 or 2011 perhaps?) and there would be a lot of people who would appreciate your work, me included. πŸ™‚

  27. I don’t know if it will take that long.

    And we aren’t even close to giving up hope, things are moving along nicely.

  28. Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

  29. I should be making an update sometime in the future, I know it’s been a while x|

    Lately I’ve been super busy, I’ve been fixing/upgrading computers for some people. One was a Dell and needed a new motherboard, had to order it off Ebay since it was OEM. Swapped out the motherboard and kept all the old components, when I went to boot it up, the Windows install decided to be corrupt, so I had to reinstall that. But now for the most part everything is running fine on that computer.

    The second one was more of an upgrade than a repair. The first time I had to gut the computer was to change it to a new case. Then they bought a new motherboard, PSU, and some other stuff. So I had to gut the computer again and put in the new parts. Because of the new motherboard and processor, I had to reinstall Windows. And now at this point, that computer is running as well.

    Then, after all that I got back to my own computer, which had decided to start randomly crashing (only seems to happen when I run certain apps though). Since it restarts and Windows reports that is has recovered from a serious error, I guess it was my windows install. I got another HDD (too much stuff I didn’t want to lose in a format), which I just just installed yesterday. Formatted the new one, threw all the stuff I wanted to save onto it, then full formatted the old one and reinstalled Windows. Now I’m in the process of reinstalling everything and getting it running how I want. πŸ˜›

    So basically, I have been very busy. And my computer is currently getting re-setup to run how I want it to. I’ll probably make another update once my computer is all setup again, which will probably be by this weekend, no guarantees though.

  30. so dude just wondering when will it be finished totally. and even if not totally will there be patches that go further into the game than patch 0.1. cause i really wanna enjoy the game

  31. and thanx for all that u did and thanx to the others too. i don’t know what would we have done without u people

  32. Just wanting to say how happy I am for this translation, it looks VERY well done and the fonts are perfect for the game, I don’t really care for the neatness of the game, just as long as it is readable and if it is translated. heh.

    Question, like the translation team for the Mother 3 game, (Don’t know if you have heard of it) they included a percentage of how complete they are with the game to keep waiting fans having something to know it is still being translated and acted like a countdown. Would you possibly include this with your posts for updates? If not it doesn’t matter, just as long as this is a continuing project. >_O

    Thanks again!

  33. hey zarrdeth nice to meet u. i really appreciate what u and the others are doin for us. i thank u. by the way. just an estimate when do u think it’ll be finished. and will there be more patches coming soon so that we can progress more into the game than the begining. wish u luck guys. sadly i won’t start learnin japanese till summer so i won’t be of any use.later

  34. Sorry, I’ve been stupidly busy lately :S

    For everyone asking, we have thrown around the idea of a progression bar kinda, thing and actually have graphics done for one. Just haven’t done everything for it. For those asking the script is at 11.24%. Also, a lot of the early stuff was revised to be much more accurate, which that isn’t reflected by the percent completed.

    Also, there probably won’t be anymore patches before completion. The Tales-Translations team doesn’t like releasing unfinished patches, and the original patches were only released to try and attract translators, which we were hurting for at the time. πŸ˜›

    Sorry about the lack of updates,

  35. well so its 11.24 now huh. lets say 12% that leaves 88% which will end in like…..??

  36. 11.24%… i’ll be fluent in japanese by the time this is finished lmao.

  37. I honestly can’t really guess at how long it will take, it depends on a lot of things, things that are mostly out of my control :P.

  38. Well, i used to think Elfen Lied manga translation will never be completed. But they did it preety fast. So, i think it will take you a year or two : D

  39. It all depends on how busy we are, for the most part,
    We all have lives outside the internet which include jobs or school, and if it doesn’t have either, then it includes looking for a job πŸ˜›

  40. You’re damn right!

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