More Translators and a Web Interface

Alright, so I figured it was time (actually it’s probably over-due :P) to do another update.

First thing is that we have another translator, and the best part is that they are doing Chinese to English, and since the Chinese translation is complete, we don’t have to worry about getting slowed down because scripts haven’t been translated yet. His name is antonie-kyon, so wish him luck :). I’ve also been receiving more and more offers for help, which is a very good thing, the more people working on this the faster it will get done :D. Sorry about my slow responses to those offerings to help lately :S, that is all my fault, it’s not that I’m not interested in getting in touch with you, it’s just that I haven’t gotten back to your email/comments yet, I will…… eventually :S

Alright moving on from that we have more good news, Soywiz (the Tales-Translations Team hacker, he knows what he’s doing) is working on a web interface to work on the translation. All the work will be done in your web browser…… Well 😛 I’ll just link you guys to his post. He already explained it himself and I’m sure he can explain it better than me, after all, he’s making it xD (Linky link link). This will make things much easier that messing with SVN :D.

Hmmm, I don’t know what else to say, this update should probably be bigger than this :S Hmm, well I guess aside from what’s up there it’s the same-old-same-old. It’s moving, things are coming along. You can’t go wrong with that. 🙂

EDIT: Soywiz finished a usable version of the web interface like an hour or two after I posted this, it’s in the same thread that I linked to earlier if you are interested in what it looks like 😛

~ by Zarradeth on November 22, 2008.

20 Responses to “More Translators and a Web Interface”

  1. @Cross Over (Post)


    @Deng_09 (Post)


    @yo_man-san (Post)

    Have you tried Ebay, you can probably find one there.

    Want to make sure those get seen since I did another post and those comments are on the old post 😛

  2. I like the english translated control or menu picture !

    Do you think Soywiz web thing will be released to the public so other groups can use them?

    Always good to see more english 🙂

  3. Well if I’ll find something I’ll post here, but I’ve searched so far and nothing popped up… the problems being: shipment only for USA, the type of plug would not be compatible with the wall plugs we have in Europe, it would only charge PSP 2000 batteries and/or the seller is not so trust worthy… *sigh* I guess I’ll keep looking. Thanks for the help Zarradeth.

  4. @Yo_man-san

    I’ll try try to help all I can, where do you live? I don’t need like an exact address, but like what country.

    @Cross over

    I dunno if he plans on releasing it :S That’s a good question though… I’ll have to ask him sometime. Though I dunno how easy it would be to use it for a different project…

  5. I live in Romania Zarradeth.

  6. zarradeth, is there anyway I can show my support for your translation project?

    I’m very glad to see things are progressing well 🙂 I can’t wait for the finished product ^_^

  7. Hmmmm :S

    Sadly :(, I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head. Things are moving along much better than they were when me and Babazoz first started workin on this thing (mostly thanks to the Tales-Translations team :D) so there isn’t much to be done aside from translation….. :/

    I’ll try to think of something xD, though I can’t make any promises :P.

  8. @yo_man-san

    I would be up to shipping some stuff to try to help you out 🙂
    I wouldn’t have a problem with getting an external battery charger and (if you could ship it back to me) a Pandora battery and memory stick (I actually have 2 sticks setup, one has DC and the other is setup to get you to firmware v1.00 :P) out to you.

    Do you have a paypal? (Don’t post the address if you have one :P)

    You could keep the external charger (which might be a sad thing to keep if your problem is hardware based :S )

    Lemme know what you think,


    On a note that isn’t related to yo_man-san, I finally replied to all the emails (and comments, and other things) I had waiting for me :S
    If you are expecting some sort of response from me and didn’t receive it just let me know, I may have missed an email or a PM somewhere…

    Hmm maybe I should have written this in reverse, yo_man-san second and the other stuff first… ohh well, I’m to lazy atm to fix it…

  9. I would be eternally thankful if you could lend me a hand here T_T… thanks soooo much. I’d like the battery, the MS with the kit for going back to 1.00 and the external battery charger. I will first try to recharge my battery to see if it still works still and if it works I’ll send the MS and pandora battery right back to you and if it won’t work… well I’ll try to use Pandora on it… AND IF EVEN AFTER THAT IT WON’T WORK… then that means my PSP is really dead… and I’ll be moving on to either buying a new PSP (2000 since it’s hackable and not 3000) or a Xbox360 since that is hackable also. PSP here is around 700 lei (RON) (Romania’s currency) and Xbox360 (Core I guess, certainly not Elite system) is 850 lei (RON)… PS3 is 1480 lei waaaay more expensive than Xbox360.
    And to answer your question: Yes, since Romania is also an accepted PayPal country, I do have an account… but with no money on it… :(( I only have a Maestro credit Card and those aren’t accepted by PayPal… I’ll have to do either a Visa or a MasterCard credit card sooner or later.

  10. EDIT: Zarradeth… wait for a few days still please… maybe I can sort this out now… 😀 I have a friend who knows someone (PSP owner of course) who’d be glad to recharge my battery! I’ll see him on Tuesday and in a few days I’ll tell you if my PSP still works with a recharged battery! Yey! Hopefully it will work. That will mean that I only need an external battery charger.

    EDIT PS: Ok it turns out (checked the stores today) that the PSP here is 640 lei and Xbox360 is 740 lei… O_O The 360 is sooooo cheap and affordable… It almost makes me buy it!! Maybe as a Christmas present to myself. ^^

  11. Xbox360 Arcade pack = 740 lei, not Core as I thought!

    PS3. I was right about this one = 1480 (lol 2 Xbox 360’s worth…)

  12. Well, I asked if you have paypal because I don’t have an external charger myself xD.

    I could pick one up off Ebay for pretty cheap though if it’s needed.

    That aside I will probably be making another update soon. Soywiz has been getting a ton of work done with the patcher (this doesn’t mean the translation is close to being done, it just means that the program to apply the patch is being worked on). I wanna include a demonstration video with the next update 😀 .

    The “official” percent for how done the script translation is is about 9%, but I wouldn’t stick with that number because not all of it has been edited, and some still needs to be worked on. But the web translator says its almost 9% complete, so if you want to hear a number so you can get an idea of where things are at script wise, there you go xD

    And 😛 There is now another language that the game is getting translated on. I’ll talk about that more when I do an update. But I can’t make a promise on when I will update, I don’t know how long it will be until I feel it’s okay to make a video. 😛

  13. I made a preview page for the Web Translator that Soywiz has made for the translators use, it’s over under the pages category.

    Now you can get an idea of what is used if you are curious/thinking about translating.

    Edit: I’m not so sure when the next update will be :S. I REALLY want to have a video for it, but I might have to settle for screenshots, or just making it a text update 😛
    Well see 😀

  14. My PSP works with the battery charged!!! I finally managed to find through a frien someone who own a PSP and that accepted to charge my battery!!! AND THE PSP WOOOOOORKS!!! So this means two things:

    1: The yellow power socket is broken (burnt);
    2: I NEED AN EXTERNAL BATTERY CHARGER compatible with the PSP-110 battery (for PSP phat)!!!! I just can’t ask that friend of mine to constantly bug his friend with the PSP to recharge my battery forever… T_T;

    So… here’s a video of a game working on my PSP I’ve made really quick once I’ve turned on my PSP:

    PS: Ignore the stupid framerate, read the details and enjoy the short video!
    And Zarradeth let me know if you can (still) help me please!!! I’m in a bind here.

  15. I can still help you 😛
    Though let it be know that I don’t actually have an external charger, if you can’t find one that will ship to Romania then I ca grab one for you and ship it out to you, just lemme know what’s up.

    and btw, I’m going to be leaving for a little while tomorrow (Thursday) and I think I will be back around Tuesday. I might have internet access during some of that time, but I can’t be sure :S

  16. Awww, I tought we would have a chrismas update x)

  17. 😛 I’ll be making an update soon. I just got back from a “vacation”.

    It’ll probably be tomorrow xD

  18. Cool!

  19. Aight guys, here’s the deal. I said there wasn’t going to be a video, only screenshots. I sat down to write the new post, I got about a paragraph into it, then I setup for taking screenshots. Then I made a video, and I edited it, and I uploaded it.

    Soooo basically this means, instead of getting a text and image update tonight, you get a text and video update tomorrow.

    See you guys then 😛
    (By tomorrow I mean the 27th, let’s ignore the fact that it technically is the 27th now)

  20. Woo, I only found out about it now, but a Haruhi VN (of some sort) makes me cry in happiness.
    (I only got into HARUHIISM a few weeks ago, and I mean hardcore HARUHIISM)
    So the project is still alive then?

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