What’s this?!? An Update!

Hmm, what to talk about? Well, I think I’ll start off by saying that SHNY is now also going to be translated into German! 😀 Templa is gonna be the man taking on this job, he’s gonna be doing English -> German. Templa is a good friend of mine and is skilled with both languages so I have complete confidence in his work. For the record he’s been following this project for about~~ well, ever since it started 😛 . He use to hang out in the IRC channel (when it still existed) all the time and now he’s decided he would like to undertake the task of translate the game into German. You should all wish Templa good luck. 🙂

Now that the big news is done with, I guess I’ll throw out the usual call for translators.

We’d like–
Japanese -> English
Japanese -> Spanish
etc, you probably know who you are, gimme a shout *points at contacts page*

As for how things are progressing… it’s moving. I can’t really give a percent or anything like that since the game has so much text. But I can promise that it isn’t dead (like it had been for a while there :S ). Nanami is doing an awesome job of translating Spanish -> English. I’d also like to make sure that the Tales-Translations team gets their credit for the translation work they are doing, Nanami wouldn’t have anything to translate if it wasn’t for them 😛 . There isn’t any hacking left to be done (to my knowledge). Andddd… well, pretty much translating the script is all the work that’s left to be done (which is the overwhelming majority of it :S) and some photoshop work on some images needs to be done.

I’d also like to make sure everyone remembers Babazoz since this project never would have even been started without him. I’d also like to point out TUNA, who got the project publicity and actually made Babazoz take it on as a project, and then translated for us for a while. And lastly I’m gonna have to thank Dark_Alex for hosting his own IRC network, ’cause without that me and Babazoz never would have met and never would have worked on this together.

Geez, I’ve had to much time on my hands to think about the past~~ 😛

So to sum this post up. SHNY will also be translated into German, and things are moving along for the Spanish and English translations as well. 😀

I didn’t have anything off-topic to post earlier so I’m gonna add this 😛
These are some quotes that I pulled outta the old IRC chat logs between me and Babazoz. I though they were pretty good and that you guys might get a kick outta this.

Enjoy xD

~ by Zarradeth on October 24, 2008.

31 Responses to “What’s this?!? An Update!”

  1. YES, FIRST POST, now im going to read the content and may or may not comment <.<

  2. Oh, now the germans get to share the joy too 🙂

  3. Wow, expect the unexpected as they say ^_^. I’m keeping tabs on this project as I have yet to even open my Haruhi game yet lol. As soon as this project is completed, I would love nothing more than to post it on my Haruhi-ism Fansite ^_^ Woohoo!!! Spanish, German, and English!! Nice 🙂

  4. Lol… 4th… I got to read this post while it was still fresh…

    1st: The convos are so funny… and I think I now know how complicated the story and all is in the game… waaaay to many “paths”

    2nd: It’s always nice to know the script’s getting done in more languages… the more, the better.

    3rd: Here comes the bad news for me: MY PSP HAS BRICKED… @_@ My PSP-1000 (fat) that I’ve had for about 3 and a half years died… Was running on the new and shiny 5.00 M33-2 (not new no more since 5.00 M33-3 came out)… *sigh* NOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO??? The PSP won’t even charge no more… and I’ve had no spare pandora battery made… I’ve used my only one and then returned it to normal mode… Don’t have money now to buy a Pandora Kit of the net… :'((
    I saw some tutorials on acid-mods.com and on YouTube on how to make your PSP fat charge via USB… I think I’ll try that… but enough of my rubbish talk… Full speed ahead Zarradeth and whoever else is involved in the Project. (as I like to call the whole Translation procedure)

  5. Umm let’s see if I can help you out.

    1) How did the PSP brick? What were you doing?
    2) Have you looked at hard modding a battery?
    3) Do you already have a memory stick setup? Or do you have access to a psp to make one?
    4) Worst case I might be able to help you, I always have a spare memstick and battery setup 😛

    I’m sorta curious as to why the battery won’t charge… It might just be that the battery is screwed up, though I can’t be sure :S. Hope I can help, I’d hate to see you loose a phat psp.

  6. you can make it without a psp i think, or is there any friend with a PSP? ( from what i heard, even slim can do it ) that would make it easier. =]

  7. You can make a battery without a psp, but you need a psp (anyone with a CFW will do) in order to setup a memory stick.

  8. Can’t I do the Magic Stick without a PSP? I’m going to use PSP Pandora Deluxe 2.5 to make the memory stick… and since I only have one battery… I cannot harmod it since I’ll never be able to revert it back to normal as I did last time…
    Anyway… my sister seems to have (an annoying she says) school colleague that has a PSP… My sister doeesn’t know if he has CFW or less… but what I wanna try is to ask my sister ask her colleague to charge my PSP battery and see if my PSP will work afterwards.
    And I don’t think that the battery is screwed. The PSP should boot up even only with the Power Cord attached to the DC IN (with no battery in)… but it doesn’t… crap… I’ll post more as soon as I see what happens after I get my PSP batttey recharged. Thanks for the help guys.

  9. Oh, this was the bricking scenario:
    I was playing a game off the memory stick (.cso). My battery was running low (the green battery LED started blinking)… I dunno why but I took out the battery as the game was still playing and when I’ve put back the battery it wouldn’t start:

    1: Mainly because (I think) it went out of “juice”;
    2:I dunno…
    3: :'((

    As I said in my previous post it won’t charge using the AC/DC adapter, it won’t boot up with only the AC/DC adapter plugged in (no battery in the PSP) and looks like bricked… I thought it would never happen to me… *sob*

  10. Ummmm, this is odd. I don’t want to worry you, but a “brick” that pandora would be able to fix is software, like flash got screwed up, etc. Though by the sounds of it this may be a hardware problem, with a normal brick you would still be able to turn the psp on, and it should still be able to charge batteries, this is very odd :S

  11. True… I’ll see if the problem is from hardware or software as soon as I get my PSP battery charged.

  12. Hello, my name is Ivan im here for the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku translation Project. I maybe of use to you to do the Spanish/English translation, also for the time being I have lots and lots of free time, so I can work on it most of the time, If i can be of any use to you plaese send me a mail, I will be happy to give you a hand with the translation =D.

  13. does the green light go on when you turn on the PSP? (even if nothing going on the screen) if not then yea, the psp is ….. gone for good =[ (or at least the power stuff in there is damaged) if yes then you can easily fix it with a pandora

  14. Okay IVuAN, glad to see you are interested 😀
    First thing I need you to do is to register at the forums at http://foro.tales-tra.com/ and then you need to tell me the name you used to register, then we can continue getting you setup from there.

  15. Heartless141… I still haven’t charged the battery yet… so I have no way of knowing if the PSP is gone forever or not… I’ll post as soon as I get my PSP battery recharged by someone and test it out. Thanks for showing interest and trying to help me.

  16. Ok I am already registered, the Nickname it’s the same one I’m using now (“IVuAN”), and hope I can really be of any help to you, I would like to help translating Japanese but I’m still learning, actually I’m a beginner so It’s not possible at the time, See you.

  17. Anyway to password protect the entrance to the forums? They’re not being used and there’s so much porn there @_@

  18. Sorry about being slow with a response IVuAN, I just made a forum thread asking to give you permissions, etc so that we can get you setup.

    Plus, there are two other people who wish to help translate Spanish -> English, so I’ve asked about getting them setup too.

    Again, sorry for the slow response, I’ve been a bit busy lately. :S
    Oh yeah, and about the spam on the forum, I might just have to close it down :S I dunno if there is anything else I can do about that.

  19. Your blog posts are the forum part of this place anyway 😛 But if you remove forum what will you post the patches on here?

  20. Yeah, it would get posted here. They were hosted on sites outside the forums anyways, and on top of that the hosting will probably be taken care of by Tales-Translations.

  21. My apologies IVuAN, as it turns out we don’t need anymore Spanish->English translators :S

    I didn’t realize but the Japanese -> Spanish translator is busy and we are at a bit of a bottleneck with moving the translation along.

    Sorry about any trouble this may have caused you, if you would like, I can email you in the future if we need your help.

    My apologies,

  22. It’s ok I dont mind, after all I’m the one offering help, so you don’t have to apologize. If you need any help on the future and don’t have anyone or are searching for someone just send an e-mail. Also I will be checking the translation since I’m interested in the project’s(both Tales, and the Haruhi), hope it doesn’t take you too long until you finish it :).

    Best regards.

  23. Any new status yet? Just curious…

  24. Hi are you still needing Japanese to English translators because I thought I could help out. (Lived in Japan for 12 years and live In Australia for 5). So I know my languages pretty well.
    Let me know

  25. Hey guys, Yeahhhhh things have been moving but I havn’t been able to write a new entry about everything yet. We have been getting help from more and more people so when I get a chance I’m gonna write another entry with all the new info 🙂

    I will say that we have more translators now and we are getting more offers too, which is always a good thing 😛

    Aight glad too see that you can help 😀 Especially if you can help with translating Japanese to English. First I need you to register at foro.tales-tra.com, then we can start getting you setup from there 🙂

  26. Zarradeth :O what’s your part in the translation project?

  27. Awesome… thing are looking great here. The Project is moving along nicely! That’s not what I got to say about my (supposedly) broken PSP. Still had no chance in charging the battery to see if it’d work. *sigh* Anyhow, if you guys can find an external battery charger for the PSP-1000’s (fat) battery for sell on-line and made with that store shipping worldwide (read: Romania) it could make my day! Kinda like this one: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-bg-77-a-49-en-15-psp+battery-70-2hil.html As you can see Play-Asia’s charger is Out of stock… :'((

  28. *things… 2:15 am here… =_= gimme a break, will ‘ya?! :p


  30. I’m so anxious to play my game lol But afraid to play it cuz i don’t understand it lmao 😛

    Keep up the good work so far!! ^_^

  31. @Cross over

    Welllll, this is gonna be a bit of a story.

    It started off in Dark_Alex’s IRC Channel while waiting for an M33 release, there were a bunch of people in there just messing around and having a good time. Then the Crisis Core translation came up (the menu translation, this was before the game was out in English). Well Babazoz was in the channel too and he brought up that he was working on translating SHNY himself. I showed interest and we started talking. He sent me some of his files, I looked through them, and eventually we started working together. Sadly, Babazoz has since cleared his site so you can’t see the work we did on this before the translation combined (which is, sadly, when most of the work became obsolete :S) with the Tales-Translation Team’s work. I do have old IRC logs, and what I posted in this post shows some of what we did, I started didn’t start logging our conversations from the beginning, but I did start logging them after the first couple of major conversations, so I didn’t miss tooooo much. Considering this was my first time messing with anything of this sort (and for Babazoz too I believe) there were some things we needed to figure out. First thing we worked on and got working was editing the images. Basically put, the PSP has a image format that ONLY the PSP uses (and I guess the PS3 uses it as-well). Well, lots of head aches later we got that working, main problem was with transparencies. Then we got to the pointers in the BOOT.BIN (which contains names, locations, mini-games, gallery info, etc). Babazoz found the pointers, I edited them all and translated all the text in the BOOT.BIN. Then the project slowed, and then it slowed down more. And then it pretty much stopped. Months later Babazoz offered me the project lead, I accepted, he ran across the Tales-Translations work, I contacted them. They offered to work together, I accepted. And well, you can find the rest on this site 😛

    Orr, you can just go with what Babazoz had to day about this. It’s much less rant and probably a lot clearer xD


    Well, that was fun 😛
    I recommend Babazoz’s version for the record, he credits everyone where credit is due. I left alota people out :S

    That doesn’t really answer what my job is now though xD
    I’m technically “Project Leader” of the English translation, though I don’t think that title means too much :P. I keep you guys updated and deal with people wanting to help. I’d say that’s all that that title means.

    I also do image editing to translate the images, I can’t translate them but I can get them into english while looking fairly decent here’s an example of one of my more recent ones (http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2duczg7&s=4)

    Along with that I edit to make sure the english is correct, I don’t know the Japanese but it I can tell you when the incorrect english is used (Probably the biggest example I can think of here is that when Nanami translated from Spanish to English everytime Kyon talked about editing the movie, it translated to edition not editing, though I really can’t bag on Nanami, she is doing really great work, that’s one of the few examples I have.)

    And yeah that’s pretty much it. Geez, maybe this shoulda been a new post altogether… 😛

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