Status Update

Well, like it says– a status update 😛

You can thank yo_man for this one, he was the one that made me consider doing it. According to him you guys like to stay updated and like to see new posts :P.

All the fun stuff aside. I’m proud to say that the project is making progress. I would also like to note that we still don’t have any Japanese -> English translators 😥 . So as you can guess–(if you’ve been keeping up-to-date)–the translation is Spanish -> English. You guys can thank Nanami for doing the Spanish -> English work, while I look it over and fix it up. I would like to say that Nanami is making my job awfully easy, she has good English skills :). You can also thank the Tales-Translations team for translating it from Japanese -> Spanish in the first place :P.

So to sum this random and painfully short post up… Things are finally moving along :D… and no, this doesn’t mean the patch will be done soon– visual novels have TOO much text :P. But it does mean that you can expect a patch… eventually :P.

Oh, and i just realized I havn’t linked to the post I made on Baka-tsuki asking for help, so here it is. Well, not much more to say about that…

Hmm, what can I put for random off topic stuff here…? I know!

If any of you guys havn’t seen AMVHell before, go watch them now! They are hilarious– watch out thought, Hell 0 and /0 are 18+ only, srsly. Also, I’d like to give a shout out to the SekaiProject and wish them luck. I got my interest in the anime (School Days) from AMVHell /0, and would love to be able to play the visual novel in english. (Watch out the game is 18+ only. But the anime is just fine for those under 18)
I’d also like to note two things.
1) If you wanna watch the anime, don’t watch AMVHell /0 first, it’s scene is part of the ending.
2) I made a useful little batch script to simplify the somewhat painful task of getting Atlas and AGTH to work with the School Days game. Lemme know if you are interested and I’ll share :D. Too bad Atlas’s Engrish is hard to follow and sometimes wrong… :S

Now that this part of the entry is longer than the actual status update, I will stop here.

Later guys,

~ by Zarradeth on October 5, 2008.

29 Responses to “Status Update”

  1. Awesome ^^, just don’t make any patches like the ones before <.<, if you’re going to release a patch, you should release patches every 10 %, the other ones on the other site was way to short to play.

  2. Actually the Tales-Translations team doesn’t like releasing unfinished patches :S. So that probably won’t happen– sorry about that. The patches were originally released so that we could try to get translators interested in our project and offer their support.

  3. 🙂 Then well all wait for the complete thing

  4. Yay!

  5. mmm you can try askin these guy for help they translated the massive game Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G from jap and chinese, there might be a few wanting to help, hopefully

  6. Baka~ you could have asked me for Atlas 😛 I know everything how it works and whatever~ ^^
    Hope to talk to you again soon!

  7. 😛 It’s not that it’s hard to use Atlas, it’s that for one thing– with School Days you have to use the command line based options to attach it to a special process and also, the text you get is early. Like it will copy and translate the NEXT line that they are going to say. So you need to sync it up, which requires another program 😛

    Btw, I’m guessing everything went smoothly for you since you are on the internets 😀

  8. Wow!! I’m so glad that the SHNY project still exists!! I was getting rather worried. I’m glad for the status update 🙂 ***Bookmarks Page***

  9. Awesome! So you did hear me out and even did make the (informative yet not-so-important) update!! Cool! ^^

  10. “***Bookmarks Page***”

    😀 The more people that visit, the more comments.
    The more comments, the more fun for everyone 🙂

  11. You should do something about that porn post in forum <.<

  12. Yeah, I noticed those. I just deleted like 8 of them before that one popped up :S

  13. Just saw my first amv hell <.<, amvhell 9. 70% porn <.<

    never knew there was robot hentai porn… <.<

  14. amv hell 0 *

  15. Your problem was that you watched 0… :S

    1,3, and 4 are the normal ones. You most definitely need to watch 3 and 4. Also, the CE is good, though not as long.

  16. but they are 4 gb downloads x.x

  17. What kinda internet connection do you have?
    Here, lemme give you some advice…
    3 & 4 are both 700 Meg’s… the perfect collection is 4 gigs, but that’s a DVD image, you don’t need it. For the fastest download speeds use bitTorrent, I recommend using uTorrent as your client. Make sure you have your port forwarded correctly for torrenting, this will make a MASSIVE difference in download speeds ( I believe I downloaded 4 at about an average of 300+ kbps– It only took a couple hours. /0 took about an hour and a half to download. All of these are available for direct download too, you just have to register at whatever site they are hosted on. But the better quality (and larger filesize) versions are distributed via bittorrent.

  18. ooohh, okay, I’m gonna try them out, the thing isn’t download speed but size, my school computer just got 20gb <.<

  19. More porn in forum o.O? This is odd, very odd..

  20. it’s probably all bots, not much i can do :S

    I’m gonna start banning the IPs and user names, not sure how much good it will do though :/

  21. Yeah, but the thing is, why would anyone porn attack a dead forum <.<

  22. Note on the “porn bot”

    If it’s a bot, try making registration more difficult, you know question answer thing(write the numbers).

  23. I don’t think I can do that :S I looked for the option but didn’t see anything like it.

    I did lay down some more bans, and I think I may have stopped the problem.. at least for a little while.

    Edit: And it seems to be working 🙂

  24. Can you guys do me a favor? I’m just curious as to whether or not you get an email letting you know when I approve your comments.


  25. I’ve never gotten mail for aproved comment

  26. Thanks for the answer Cross Over 😛
    You know the rest 😛

  27. Mwahhahaa, I’m going to get first comment on the new update! You can’t take it Zarradeth, that’s cheating.

  28. I am SO proud of you guys! I wish I could help but my knowledge of Japanese is too elementary T_T. I’m a horrible foreign language student.

  29. Wellll, I’m not not too skilled in foreign languages either. :/
    That would make things much easier.

    That aside, I’ll probably do another update tonight, the only reason I’m saying this is because now I’ll HAVE to do it. xD

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