Not directly related to the project, not even an update.

Why am I posting this if it isn’t about the project? Well, it’s sorta related, but don’t expect any new info about the project in this post. This is so I can introduce you guys to TUNA’s (our old translator) project. I figure he helped us so I would give his project some more exposure, even if it’s only a few people.

As you guys may know, TUNA disappeared and we never heard from him again sometime ago. No responses to emails, PMs, anything… Well, I actually got to the point of worrying, ‘specially when I started looking for his last login time at Baka-tsuki. First thing I came across was his xfire profile, which stated that he hadn’t logged in for over 200 days, that worried me– a lot. Next, I found his profile on the SOS-Dan forums, and noticed that he was still very much active (to my relief, imagine if a friend of yours disappeared off the face of the earth for no reason 😦 ) and that in his signature for the SOS-Dan forum he had a link to his own project.

So I would like to take the chance here to introduce you to his project and wish him luck. Also, I’d like to thank him for…… abandoning us.

Honestly, I have no hard feelings over this, it would be cool if you were to acknowledge your existence for me. I don’t mind you stopping your work, but please say something next time, it’s not like we would have stoned you or something. Honestly Babazoz and I wouldn’t have had a problem with it.

I’m very laid back, so I can’t even bring myself to write a straight forward angry post. It takes a good amount to upset me, I’m generally a laid back, nice person, who likes helping people. As some of the people who have emailed me for help know, (please refrain from doing that though) since I gladly help them if I can.

Glad to see you’re okay TUNA. Good luck with your project. πŸ˜•

~ by Zarradeth on September 24, 2008.

13 Responses to “Not directly related to the project, not even an update.”

  1. thats kindda heartless (lol) 😐 disappearing without telling anyone

  2. Not to be mean or anything <.< but isn’t it illegal to make a game out of some companys trademark characters, and it’s going to be free, right?

  3. Heartless141, aren’t you that guy on the dissidia forum?

  4. Fanfiction is a bit of a touchy subject,
    you can read up on it here

    I don’t think there are any problems with what they are doing, I’ve only seen a few cases where fan based project have been stopped (Such as the Chrono Trigger Resurrection Project 😦 That made me sad).

    By the way, I probably came off a little bit angry– and while I was at the time of the post πŸ˜• . I can understand what TUNA might have thought, so I can understand how he might have felt. I shouldn’t have been angry with him so I appologize for that.

    But seriously TUNA, get in touch with me πŸ™‚

  5. My new haruhu project will be much better πŸ˜›

  6. What, What? You’ve spiked my curiosity now πŸ˜›

  7. @templa where where? =D

    @Crossover, well for games, i guess its gamefaq board, other than that, i dont think so =S

  8. oh wait, i just walked over there and see another heartless guy. so i guess its a no. My name there is Heartless141 too. =]

  9. Instead of having 3 or 4 different groups working against each other, why not work together and get the translation done first? then interpret and submit your own versions or w/e that way we wouldn’t be short on manpower on any side…

  10. They aren’t workin’ on translating the game πŸ˜›
    Their project is somethin’ different.

  11. @Heartless141

    Ah, lol, ok ^^

  12. Wow, I saw this really too late. 😦 Sorry for not saying anything when I wen’t out of touch. Those translations I did back then were pretty bad and I got some bad comments about it back then.

    Oh yes, also thanks for wishing me luck on the other project. I see that you somehow have the translator problem settled. Even more awsome how you broke that text limit barrier. I guess I kind of chickened out seeing the size of the script to translate. I can totally accept it if you are angry at me as well… totally understandable.

    Also, although project seems to be going smoothly now, If you want help with translation. I can help translate midly simple dialouges.(If you want me to… I still have the old huge script file.) I think I know few people on my project who can translate as well. I can ask if they are willing.

    Actually even the project that I’m work on right now is pretty laid back. It’s been almost a year and we are only on 5% of the whole thing. However, I’ve wanted to do this fanfiction for a long time now, I intend to finish it after graduation. But right now Graduating is the first priority.

    -_- Also copyright infringement and fanfictions are touchy subjects. I’ve seen many doujins games with trademark characters. Also in the case of youtube, kadokawa has put up a notice that they will ‘forgive’ all the amv… mad… etcs with kadokawa characters. They let them stay on youtube. All they do is just put a kadokawa logo on the video.

    (Oh yea Are you still using prolouge I’ve translated back then?)

  13. ^^ πŸ˜› Responded too elsewhere in case anyone sees this and wants to know if it was taken care of xD

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