Little Status Update

Alright guys, nothing major here, just a little status update on how things are going.

As usual 😦 I don’t have translators, I’m askin’ around to try and find people. If you know anyone point them in my direction 🙂 . Otherwise I think I’m gonna go to baka-tsuki and see if I can get help from there. If you have connections to some of the people at baka-tsuki you should put in a good word for me (this doesn’t mean starting a thread asking people to help me though 😛 ).

Putting that aside, I have been doing some work on the images that I already had translations for and just hadn’t been edited yet. Not much else to say progression wise.

The forums that were created for this project are hardly used anymore, and I don’t plan on updating them anymore, they were originally created so the translators could discuss whatever was needed. But since then we have lost our translators and we have merged with Tales-Translations– who has a perfectly good forum setup, so ours really aren’t needed at this point. You can still use them if you really want to though.

The guys over at Tales-Translations have posted a news item at their site which can be found here. They also made a video to show the progress made so far. The post is also in English (since we are translating the game to english too) if you wanna take a look at it.


Now unrelated to the project, but still PSP related, I dug up some videos that some of you may remember and posted them on youtube. If anyone here has been around the PSP scene for a long time (pre-2.00 OFW time). Then there is no doubt you will know these videos 😛 .

It took me forever to find and it brought me back some memories, so I figured I would share 🙂


Enjoy, 😀

And yes, I felt like using a lot of smilies today.

~ by Zarradeth on September 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “Little Status Update”

  1. Don’t give up!

  2. sooooo good, now we alway get updated with the newest news 🙂

    Keep it up and on you guys!

  3. Do your best! We’ll be waiting right here! ^^

  4. By the way guys, since I don’t wanna make a new post for just this.
    There’s a link to the Baka-tsuki thread requesting help for this project. Encase any of you guys use their site 😛

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