Merge with Tales Translations.

Aight guys– big news

The guys at were able to hack the character limit, and most other things that need fixin’. After getting in contact we have decided it would be best to combine our efforts into translating this game.

What does this mean exactly?
1) The character limit isn’t a problem anymore.
2) I still need Japanese -> English Translators.
3) Eventually, we will need people to translate between Spanish and English.
4) The translations should finish faster (both English and Spanish).

Right now the Tales Translations team is working on their translation of Tales of the Abyss. So the Haruhi game isn’t their main concern at the moment, but they know what they are doing, they will start working on it when they finish their other project first.

Anyone that helps with the English translation for Haruhi will work as part of the Tales Translations team, there will be two somewhat independent teams in terms of Spanish and English translations, but the patch will be released under the name Tales Translations, and you will be considered members if you join in order to help the translation.

The plan is to get the game completely translated from Japanese into part English and part Spanish. Then translate the Spanish parts into English and vice versa. We figure it will be much easier to find people to translate between Spanish and English than English -> Japanese and Spanish -> Japanese translators.

But seriously guys, I still don’t have english translators. The Tales Translations team has a much more professional setup than just sending a script of the game up and back :P, so if that helps spike your interest a little contact me!

Contact details can be found in the previous post or in the sidebar (if you’re viewing the homepage :P).

Also- I removed the requirement of having to register to view the forum, you still need to register to post. But you can view it without registering.

~ by Zarradeth on September 3, 2008.

13 Responses to “Merge with Tales Translations.”

  1. Awesome update Zarradeth! ^^ You sure are busy! Keep up the great work!!!!

  2. Congratualtions! 😀
    Keep the good work up, you are doing a great job! :D:D:D:D

  3. im interested in helping whit the English to Spanish translation yep yep ic if i can lend a hand

  4. Actually, we don’t really need SpanishEnglish translators. We have enough to be able to keep up with what is being translated out of Japanese for now. Thanks for the offer, but we don’t need anymore SpanishEnglish, sorry about that.


  5. im only a 14 year old using a psp internet browser but im such an anime and jap. game fan that im trying to learn japenese (no kiddin) but its ssoooo confusing, but im still trying really hard and i would love to help if i was older and was finished learning jap. but right now im despretly lookin for a patch to this haruhi game (its my number one out of like 25 anime, ive watched all episodes in english about 4 times. i wish i could talk more but this just a comment, i hope to talk again. i booked this pg.

  6. how in the world do i make my cso haruhi game to an english version i applied both beta 1 and beta 2 with that o matic version 3.0 and my game still in japanese

  7. 1) You image has to be an ISO, that is what the ppf patch was made for. You can either use something like UMDGen to uncompressed the image into an ISO or you can rerip your game.
    2) The two beta patches translate very little text, if there is any text at all translated, then the patches have been applied correctly. Only the first couple minutes of the game is translated in the beta patches (and some mini game stuff, names, etc).

  8. I Have a problem i use umd gen i dont know how to use it but i would go to to batch image converter my cso to iso and it says error converting can u help me plz

  9. Try using File->Open and then save the image as an .iso.
    If that doesn’t work, drag and drop the image into the batch converter and have them convert to ISO.

  10. yeah i tried i batch convert it and it says error converting and when i open image and save it to iso it says ERROR next available LBA position is 164 but LBA PSP_GAME USRDIR DATA BG position is 26. yeah im new to psp gen but its easy to use but i keep getting error. im its taking a while

  11. Hmmm…. that’s odd, it sounds like the ISO youo have is messed up. Try reripping the game and using that for patching.

  12. im was 17 year old and we are people vietnamese, we need you help how we can created patch, edit patch, and patch into game. We really love patch game JP, E to Viet.

  13. Um… when I click on the hyperlink in your post, it just redirects me to a page with: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare l__1() (previously declared in /home/talestra/ in /home/talestra/ on line 5

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